Destination channel send changing with root note

Hello everyone,
connected my DT midi out with RYTM MK1 midi in to control RYTM tracks thru DT midi tracks. Set CHAN in SRC page but if I change NOT1 in TRIG PARAMETERS PAGE this causes the change of the channel. To clarify:

  • I have midi channel 6 for track 1 in RTYM
  • I had set CHAN in DT track 9 to send midi messages to channel 6
  • when the note C0 is selected track 1 is playing
  • if I change to C#0 track 2 starts playing, D0 starts 3, etc etc
    What’s wrong with my midi setting?
    Thank you

You have forgotten that, according to the AR’s manual:

Of the 128 notes in the standard MIDI range, 0–11 corresponds to notes C0 through to B0, the leftmost octave … will trigger the Sound of track 1 through to track 12, respectively (provided they are set to their default channels 1–12). These note values map to each of the twelve tracks, regardless of which track is active.

If you want the AR’s tracks to respond only on specific MIDI channels, you need to use higher MIDI note numbers. See the “MIDI NOTES” section of the AR’s manual.


It works now for every RYTM tracks except for track 3 that is set to channel 7. To make it works looks like the only way is to set DT midi track note to D0. Any advice?