Delay: Great implementation for channel panning!

So, as stereo devices like this and my Nord Drum don’t have indv. outs, I typically hard pan voices R or L and run each channel through its own effect signal path.

On the Nord Drum 3, which has reverb and delay like the M:C, both delay and reverb are on both L/R outputs…

On the M:C, while obv. reverb, as a stereo effect is in both R/L, if you hard pan voices, you can STILL use M:C delay as hard panned voices get their delay wet signal panned as well!

And of course, you can config FX to only go out headphones as well, so there is a dedicated wet FX send…

So yea, no indv. outs, but E did a good job on audio routing with what there was to work with…


I did notice the delay/ reverb thing the other day. But I wanted to send two sounds via indivifual outs and rest via headphones out. Not posible.

Even if you hard pan two sounds headphones out will output those two sound plus fx, not very useful to me.

Better than volca boxes though were some signal is always present even hard panning. I guess due to single headphone out instead of dual indv out

really? I have not actually tried it yet… But I thought, based on how I was reading the manual that FX ONLY could go out headphones… So TR1-6 main then Del/Rev HP only…

Oh well, At least the delay pans, which is cool.

first i have misreading the manual and thought that i can use the headphone output to pre-listen seperate tracks/sounds. that would be amazing in a live-jam-situation. but then i realized that it always ment to be headphone and main-out together.

can anyone confirm that you can do the Fx only out of the headphones?

You can not, headphones out mirrors main outputs

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thank you.

I’ve also discovered that even with no fx, once you get that nice internal distortion going, it bleeds…

Soooooo, i guess I’ll just have to get a second m:c! :crazy_face: