Definitive list of Analog Four patch downloads

As far as I know, there is no exhaustive list of all the A4 patches available for download and I am sure we will all be itching to fill up our +drives when OS 1.1 lands.

I thought I would kick off a list here. Please feel free to add any that I haven’t found yet.

Daren Ager’s ’ Druma’ bank - £7.00

Neil Baldwin’s ‘C64’ bank - free/donation

FISound’s ‘OVRDrive’ bank - $9.99

Elektron’s 'Sound Pack’ (Six banks, including Richard Devine’s collection) - free

Floppy Disk Pirates - Two sound banks - €9.99 each - and occasional free patch giveaways. Look out for Janosch’s posts on here.

Sounds to Sample’s ‘Progressive Acid’ pack - £6.20


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