[ Definitive list ] Octatrack Packs, Chain & Tools

If i missed something please add as comment and i will add it and maintain this list updated as far as i can… also if you find it useful a thanks in comment i’m grateful for that too

Our forum files section !!!
OctaChainer, Nord Drum V1 Octatrack Expansion…

Sample Packs with Project, Scenes, Prepared Samples :
Latin Swaggaeton : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/latin-swaggaeton/
Disturbance : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/disturbance/
Drum Enthusiast : (Free) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/drum-enthusiast/
Central Sidstation : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/central-sidstation/
MPC Memories : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/mpc-memories/
Hell Bent on Circuits : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/hell-bent-on-circuits/
Utility Kicks : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/utility-kicks/
Chillwave : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/chillwave/
Ultimate FX : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/ultimate-fx/
Nintari Flashback : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/nintari-flashback/
Yard Sale Gear : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/yard-sale-gear/
Caught on Tape: 808+909 : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/caught-on-tape-808909/
Cult of SP 1200 : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/cult-of-sp-1200/
Octa Pak: Vol. 1 – Dubstep : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/octa-pak-vol-1-dubstep/
Octa Pak: Vol. 2 – Electro : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/octa-pak-vol-2-electro/
Octa Pak: Vol. 3 – Tech & Techno : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/octa-pak-vol-3-tech-techno/
Octa Pak: Vol. 4 – Drum n Bass : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/octa-pak-vol-4-drum-n-bass/
Octa Pak: Vol. 5 – House : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/octa-pak-vol-5-house/
Octa Pak: Vol. 6 – Indie Dance : (30€) https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/octa-pak-vol-6-indie-dance/

Sample Packs that have Prepared samples and/or chain for OT :
DrivenMachineDrums : http://www.drivenmachinedrums.com (77$)
Druma by our @darenager (6,99£) https://sellfy.com/p/I21H/
Inspector Gadget SCW (Free) : http://www.inspektorgadjet.com/video-tutorials/octatrack/
Patch Arena (free) : http://patcharena.com/tag/octatrack/
Acidlab Drumatix by our @AdamJay ($4.99) : https://sellfy.com/p/KKgp/
Inner Portal Album : (Free) http://innerportalstudio.com/free-octatrack-sample-chains/
OP-1 sample chain : https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=164282&sid=c977fa9c3221485d617f13815877b227
Drum Chain (link DEAD) : http://www.vintagesynth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=71720
Analog Drumkit (3,49$) : https://sellfy.com/p/SL7l/
TB303 for OT (Free) http://sirgalaxy.com/post/137155195575/elektron-sound-pack-octatrack-b303-samples-sounds
DX7 for OT (free) : http://sirgalaxy.com/post/139912327040/free-octatrack-analog-rhythm-pack-dx7-synth-drums
Quinok : http://sirgalaxy.com/post/136814080525/octatrack-sound-pack-elektron-samples-loops-analog-rytm
Free PPG wave prepared by @Scot_Solida (free) : Free PPG Wavetable for your Octatrack

OT Tools :
Octaedit by our @Rusty (99$) http://octaedit.com
NPM (Free) https://www.npmjs.com/package/gtbg
Performer (OT, AR, AK-A4) by our @gbravetti (Free) https://cycling74.com/project/performer-performance-master-snapshot-controller-for-the-elektrons-dark-trinity/#.WBODgnfpOi4
Octatrack & Max For Live : (Free) http://www.maxforlive.com/library/index.php?by=any&q=octatrack
Octatrack MEGABREAK (free) : Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:

Learning Courses


Watching that for newbies before :

Octatrack Know-How — Lesson #1: Sets, Audio Pool & Projects


[details=Octatrack Know-How — Lesson #2: Selecting A Machine & Assigning Samples

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Thanks for this, I have found heaps useful Octachainer!



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Somebody made a matrix mayhem chainer, for interpolation of different grooves with the crossfader. It was in the file section as well, can’t search well from the phone.

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Yeah in the beginning of the post I directly target first the Elektronauts files section. I will looking for precise info on that thanks.

Edit : can’t find it…

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Here’s a little one for your list (maybe too little) - a sample chain I made from my PPG 2.2/Waveterm upon first getting my Octatrack: Free PPG Wavetable for your Octatrack


Found it!


Megabreak : Very interesting slices use.
I succeeded to do it in Ot only with 8 tracks.

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Merry Christmas. I didn’t precise I automated the Megabreak in Ot. One pattern with 8 tracks, 8 recorders, another pattern with the 8 tracks controlled by the xfader.

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Very great courses [ for Newbies ] from Thavius Beck on MacProVideo

Elektron 103 “Octatrack Dynamic Sampling
22 videos | 184 minutes | by Thavius Beck

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