Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale

not free

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Here are some free Kontakt libraries:

I don´t feel like registering to sites just to grab a free download, maybe someone who already has an account on these sites would mind sharing them? (they´re free anyway). 2 of the 5 can be downloaded without registering.


I have Suite and I am logged into my account. So, I guess anyone with Suite or Standard can get it free? Weird. Sorry for the confusion.

Ableton suite is currently available fully unlocked, free for 90 days. Even if you have already used up a free trial, your account is now reset.

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Sales at Wavesfactory on plugins and kontakt libraries…


man i cannot wait for the Mac version to be available

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Me too! Hope it happens

Looks like midyear sale at Waves Audio…

40% off, plus free plugins at certain price points.

This means things like H-Delay and RVox, which are $179 and $79 respectively, are each on sale for 49.99, and with code SAVE40 you can get them for $29.99 each after the sale plus the discount… not bad!

Plugin companies.
Gotta love em.

New code, who dis?

When April-May’s “CREATIVE40” code runs out, it’s time for the geniuses in marketing to keep the train moving with something truly different for June, like “CREATE40”,
“But be sure to get out of the way for our annual monthly half year sale, now (as always) 40% off!“ :grin:



Hybrid 3 $3.99

Hey mods, I know this has been discussed before, but could this thread be split (going forward) into “(Software)” and “(Hardware)”? It seems to be exclusively focused on plugins lately, which is great if you use them, but disappointing if you don’t. To each his/her/their own and all that, but it seems this would save everyone bother.

I think this has discouraged people from posting hardware sales, since I suspect a lot of people have unfollowed this thread. Thanks!



The Tascam Model 16 and 12 continues to be on sale, as i reported earlier.

Here’s a link at Sweetwater.


OFF-TOPIC: It’s not that the hardware deals are being hidden somewhere, or that people are not posting them — it’s just that there are proportionately fewer of them, this is the way it always has been.

Everyone here can help with this thread by keeping the clutter down, like the “Oh Wow!”, kind of post, etc, as i said in my initial post. I try to make as many HARDWARE posts as i can find, and I label them that way.

As O.P. i am not going to change this thread to ban hardware deal listings.

For those who would like to discuss this further please start a new thread for that purpose, so as not to take this one off topic.


Not me. Never had any compunction posting hardware deals that I’ve come across… But like Jukka said, they haven’t been turning up as often as the software ones.


Global supply chain is still experiencing delays from COVID-19.
Friends of mine that sell hardware for a living have very little stock to sell.
No stock = no “deals”.


I get emails from Perfect Circuit, ProAudioStar, etc. about deals all the time.

On the IOS FB groups, there’s this guy who wants to be a human AppSliced - he posts every friggin app sale that he finds, every damn day. Sometimes I question if he bothers to vet the apps that he posts about because some of them suck. I don’t want to be like that guy - Quality over Quantity because this fine forum deserves that.

Thanks, Jukka–totally reasonable response. Maybe the “clutter” is what actually gets me most, come to think of it. I just skim over it but worry I might miss something interesting in between.

And I get how the economic situation is affecting things–I wasn’t expecting for hidden hardware deals to magically appear! I just wouldn’t be disappointed when I click on the thread seeing dozens of new posts… :upside_down_face:

Carry on…

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Auction prices going up at well. I sold a bunch of gear last week and got the best results I’ve had in more than a decade of selling gear (with a couple of more obscure items going for 2-3x what I bought them for). Definitely a sellers’ market for hardware and buyers’ market for plugins.


Samples From Mars are offering their 707 sample pack for $5 for 7/07 day:


Blackstar Superfly is $99 (usually $229) today on MF:

Looks kind of interesting - battery powered 12W amp with bluetooth & built-in reverb. For those of you taking your silverline out on the town to get that sweet sweet busking lettuce