Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale has 50% off of all instruments until the end of the month. I can’t recommend The Canterbury Suitcase enough if you need a Rhodes or EP.


The Canterbury Suitcase is fantastic!!

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Tokyo Dawn Labs 5 day sale

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Really tempted to buy the Waves J37 tape emulation since they are all mostly 30 usd, BUT would that make sense if I already own an Analog Heat?
Use both? lol

Also if I were to buy one of the Waves sale plugins, if I need something for eq which would be the best choice?
Theres a few to choose from. Any recommendations.

Currently i only have arturia plugins. The 3 compressors and the 3 preamps.

What are you looking for in an EQ? Because stock DAW EQs are pretty damn good.

That being said I recommend any of the channel strip plugins. I love the Scheps omni channel and put it on everything when I’m mixing. Its EQs are very musical and modeled after old technology, and the saturation knob gives exactly what you want. I think those SSL type plugins are supposed to be good too, or even the Pultec modeled things.

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to be honest, I don’t know.
I figured just the name & brand WAVES would be much better than my Ableton stock plugins.
remind you I’m only using Ableton INTRO so I’m limited.

Theres also the GOLD bundle for less than 100 usd and it comes with 40 plugins.

Idk what comes with Ableton intro but I bet it has EQ Eight or some form of multiband EQing and that’s totally fine. In fact Ableton generally gets a good rap for all its plug-ins.

But I posit you this question: If you don’t know why you need a new EQ, then do you really need a new EQ? Waves stuff is on sale (literally) more often than it isn’t, so you won’t be missing out on some huge unobtainable deal.

Update ableton. There should be the new 3 band EQ that came out after 10.1. That’s an EQ that emulates an analog EQ with a more musical sound. When I refer to an EQ as musical I mean that if you move it to a frequency and decide either to cut or boost the change will still work well with the rest of the tracks.

Eventide Blackhole, UltraTap and MangledVerb are $29 each until 8th July. Got Blackhole last time it was on sale and it’s really great. Available at and some other retailers (e.g. PluginBoutique) seem to have the same discount

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Mode audio is having a sale too

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Samples from mars back on sale for $149 for all samples…many other discounts as usual:). I am looking for digitone/fm synth samples and thus stumbled on their sale.


Price reduced on the TT-303 and probably some other sales at Perfect Circuit right now. There’s a promo code for many items. Promo code is “FIREWORKS”

Other items I noticed on sale were the Lyra 8, Oto Bam, Beatstep pro, and Behringer Neutron! Lots of sales

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B&H Photo is sending out unique, single use promo codes for $150 off OP-Z. Not sure how one gets one though. Mine was randomly emailed to me, and I used it. But just a heads up that the deal is out there.


I got emailed one of those OP-Z discount codes, but I’m not going to use it. Happy to pass it on to someone who’ll take advantage of it, send me a private message:

Regular price: $599.00
Your exclusive discounted price: $449.00


Deal not sale.

If you are looking to buy Presonus Studio One Artist 4.5 – that sells $100 – buy the PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 audio interface for the same price because it also include the exact same software. Or get the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo for $50 more as it also has the software. At the very least you can give someone else the interface.

Some online sellers will also throw in some “content” with the deal, like for instance at Sweetwater.

You can compare the three versions here – in addition to the Artist version, is the much more expensive Professional edition and the FREE Prime version.

ADDED: The same also applies to the Presonus ATOM interface, which new retails for $150, i’ve seen it online for as low a $130. This also includes the Studio One Artist 4.5.

Presonus ATOM

Similar is the AKAI Fire $200 which comes with FL Studios Fruity Edition (normally $100), but this is considerably cut down from the three higher level versions of this software.

Amazon Prime Day UK

Not the best selection of deals this year but here are a few that caught my eye:

IK Multimedia UNO Synth
Deal Price: £117.99

AIAIAI TMA-2 (DJ Preset) Professional Headphones
Deal Price: £111.75

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor Speaker
Deal Price: £172.50

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Bitwig is also on extended summer sale fyi :wink:

Looking at this more for work than music, unless it’ll provide significant relief from using a damn mouse in Ableton Live.

Also some decent deals for iPad keyboard case - looking to get one for use w/ BramBos’ latest smash hit app, the Mozaic MIDI script editor/runner.

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Got an email from Novation with a code to buy MonoStation at 45% off. That is 45% off off the 550 Euro price they have it on their shop. And that would be around 300. Also godd prices on some of their refurbished audio interfaces.
UK and Germany only I’m afraid. If anyone needs the code, shoot a PM.
PS: not sure to jump on it myself or not.

MonoStation you mean?

I have a code too if anyone would like?