Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


I bought it (Eventide H3000 Factory) last night and it’s crazy value for money!!! So versatile and it sounds cool :slight_smile:


Roland SH-01A for $70 ???


They have a Korg microKorg XL+ 37 Key Synth right below it for the same price !!

What’s the saying, when something seems to good to be true, it probably is. Then again what if it isn’t?

ADDED: Apparently this company puts up incredible deals to steal your credit card info – at least there are many warnings on the net to this affect. Good thing to remember.


Found this on - OP-Z for 412.00€ + 1.90€ shipping from Spain…

should be legit if on Amazon, no?

EDIT: Link removed as likely fraud.


Amazon is full of scams. Sadly


I would not trust it. It might be as well that the shop is hacked. Amazon has serious problems with unserious offers…it is not guaranteed to be safe. You will pay, they will not send and as the shop might be hacked, all that will remain is a confirmation mail of your purchase. The other day I saw an Op-1 for a similar price…hahaha.

What @muzka said :smile:


Plugin alliance has a summer sale going on


@PomPomOne & @muzka awesome, thanks for raising awareness!


Native Instrulents summer of sounds is live. Check your retailers or NI directly



Is Komplete 12 Ultimate upgrade worth it for around $250?


Guess it depends on what version you’re on just now. I’m on KU11 and don’t think there’s enough for me personally.


I’m not on Ultimate, just regular Komplete 12.


I came from 10 ultimate and yesterday I upgraded to 12 ultimate collectors edition for 300. Here’s why I got it.

50 expansions for Maschine and battery 4. Time To dust the Maschine studio out of storage.

Kontakt 6 and the new sounds, I will keep 5while running 6.

Session guitarist 2 and electric sunburst guitar libraries

Mod pack and dirt pack fx

I heard massive x might come out on the 6th too.

I just downloaded everything yesterday and today I’m ready to play my heart out


Ah. Then what do you feel you are missing from regular compared to ultimate?


Good question. To be honest, I’ve probably barely scratched the surface of regular. Perhaps I should wait a year to upgrade.

I suppose the plugins (reverbs, etc) would be nice and the various Abbey Road drums, etc.


Great unit too - for a full HW setup its a dream.


Don’t feel so bad. It took me 4 years to get through most of the content in Komplete 10 ultimate. Wow it’s been a long time


I’m still tempted as I had planned to pick this up in summer and the soundtoys bundle at the end of the year. I’m going through the demos of the various things I don’t own at the moment. Not a bad price for all of the content.


I think the biggest draws for me is massive x and kontakt 6. Which really isn’t that much, so I’m on the fence about upgrading from komplete 10 to 12


If you own maschine mikro, updating/upgrading to the Full Maschine Library for $50 seems really worth it if you’re after a hoard of samples.