Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Waldorf have a 50% off sale on software and soundpacks for the duration of Superbooth with coupon code SB19. Seems it includes License SL.


Whats worth getting from there?
Browsed their inventory and Waldorf Edition 2 looked interesting.
But then searched youtube and it seems to be like 7 years old with a Windows XP looking UI.
Those plugins probably havent seen much updates in years.


TASCAM Model 24 – Mixer / Interface / Recorder – $100 off


I found it at Sweetwater. This is good through June 30, 2019 – a long time, so i expect it’s available at other places too.

Not sure if they’re clearing stock for a model change or what, though it seems to early, they didn’t release this thing too long ago. Perhaps they have just lowered the price – regardless this seems a good deal.


Steinberg Cubase 10

This also includes a competitve crossgrade to Cubase Pro 10 for $170 !

ADDED: This sale ends June 3rd.


The Waldorf Edition is indeed super old. Nontheless Attack and DPole are good sounding VSTs, If you can arrange yourself with the outdated UI.
If you are looking for a Blofeld in Software Form, Check Out Largo. It Sounds almost identical.


saw this on another forum

analog drive under 89euro / £77 plus shipping.


Wow, that is extremely cheap… Shame they’re still 3x the price in Australia.


Even with 30 euros to ship to the US, it’s a steal at ~$117. Funny thing is it’s not even currently in stock. So it’s not like they’re even trying to clear them out of the warehouse. Sheesh, maybe now is the time to pick up an MB33…


Thanks for the tip. I couldn’t pass up the Analog Drive and ordered one…even if I have to wait a few months to get it, that’s a crazy price.


Dang, what a deal! If its not sold out when I get home I’ll order one. :sunglasses:

Seen claims from at least two different reviewers that the Focused Dist sounds like a Klon Centaur - probably the most overpriced OD pedal in the history of rock and roll.


A seller on ebay has $5 off certain SD cards, Micro SD Cards, and Thumb Drives, with free shipping included. After discounts, they were only 9 cents, and that is including shipping. I can’t speak to how legit they are as I have never bought from them, but I figure for pocket change, it was worth a shot. Here is a link to one of their items, a 32GB micro SD card.


Eventide H3000 Factory on sale at $79 from $349 until Thursday 23rd… is this one worth it? It’s a legendary device from what I understand. Just tried out the demo and it sounds nice but that UI :see_no_evil: Think I’ll steer clear unless someone can convince me!


I love Eventide and own two H9s and a bunch of their plugins. This looks tempting but on further reading I found that it doesn’t include all the algorithms of the original H3000, so it’s not the same as having the hardware box. However, I’m definitely curious anyway! Wonder if anyone else has it and would care to share their experience. This is definitely the lowest price I’ve seen for it.


Reverb has a 15% sale going on.


The Reverb sales can be really great!

Being Memorial Day weekend in the US will means lots of sales here, at lots of places.


Oh yeah! Forgot.

Which means Prymaxe has 25% off.


on some stuff, reading the fine print. I don’t think they were supposed to sell the Zoia with $100 off before, but they sold more than a few.


Lol just checked exactly the Zoia. The coupon didn’t work but you can try that trick of signing in, trying to apply the coupon and see if they send an email later with the coupon applied.


Spitfire Kepler Orchestra

New orchestral sound bank for Kontakt player. $229 USD, goes up to $299 after June 6th.


iZotope Ozone 8/Neutron 2 Standard bundle 70% off till 5/31 with code sbl65177