Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


I didn’t have anything, so even after buying two plugins now it’s still like $300 to upgrade to the bundle. A bit too high for me at the moment.


The most useful thing in that bundle is decapitator and radiator and devil loc for drum bus duties. Everything else is icing for me.


More of a PSA

Juno on ebay are selling PL’s for the big machines, for £39.99.

Cheapest I’ve found.

Quick edit

I ordered yesterday afternoon, with free postage, and it arrived this morning. That’s bleeding fast.


sign up to their mailing list, buy a couple on the super low 29€ deals (the bigger the saving the better), and when finally Black Friday comes around, trade your plugs in for Soundtoys 5…I paid a total of 180€ for the bundle that way, full version, not education :slight_smile:


Thanks. That will be the plan!


Eventide Black Hole Flash Sale : $29


Nice! Thanks!


Just came here to post this! I’ve been eye humping this plugin all week and now it’s on sale! Purchased!


I’m gonna keep the party going. Cannon ball!!!


FabFilter 15 year anniversary sale. Everything 40% off


Don’t forget the Extraordinary Spaces preset packs for Eventide Space, they are awesome!


No demos or am I missing them?


For FabFilter?


Sorry, I meant the Eventide presets.


An ad popped up for a nuendo spring sale, saw that Cubase has a cross grade option from ableton live standard and suite, FL studio signature pro tools, reason 6+…


I found this, hope it helps.


Not that many parameters, seems like you could just copy the settings in the video. :upside_down_face:


The packs have loads of interesting presets. If you bought Blackhole at 29 pounds I’d grab the ES packs too.


This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Just checked my account, I can get Fabfilter Q3 and MB for a bit under 150€ for both :+1:


Pro-Q here I come at last.