Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Native Instruments Expansion Offers : 9 packs for $99

Beat Safari Bundle

Elastic Thump
Global Shake
Golden Kingdom
Headland Flow
Infamous Flow
Lilac Glare
Meteoric Rise
Sierra Grove
Street Swarm

Electric Impulse Bundle

Byte Riot
Carbon Decay
Cavern Floor
Decoded Forms
Lone Forest
Motor Impact
Polar Flare
Prismatic Bliss
Timeless Glow

Side Note:

If you are looking at selling some to fund a bundle / avoid duplicates. I’m interested in buying Carbon Decay. Maybe Polar Flare and/or Prismatic Bliss as well.


Humble Bundle : Acidized

~$1 or more

  • Music Maker EDM Edition
  • Soundpool - Trance Masters

~$13 or more

  • MP3 Deluxe 19
  • Soundpool - Dream House

~$25 or more

  • ACID Pro 7
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12
  • Soundpool: Discharge

[*] Prices correct at time of going to press.


St Patrick Day Sale at Reverb

I notice included with this there was new Elektron gear on sale.


Of all the Gin joints in town and you post this. I’m fighting the temptation. Good deal on the heat II and digitakt


Presonus has a St Pat’s sale on their Studio One and Notion software, including upgrades.

The sale runs 'til the 23rd of March.

Presonus has also reduced prices on their StudioLive Series III Digital Console Mixers – the 16, the 24 and the 32 – while supplies last. So that sounds like they might have something new to replace them? Not sure.


What a discount! :smiley:


Wow what a deal! – and something i can afford too.

I see that Reverb did sell out off the new Analog Four MKII and Digitakt they had earlier. So in new Elektron stuff all they have left is the Heat MKII.

They do still have a lot of Eurorack gear on sale though. And i see a Dreadbox Erebus V3, that is tempting me too. Or how about a new Arturia MiniBrute 2S for $551 with free shipping in the US – thats almost $100 off.


I thought I saw this on here but apparently not - AudioDeluxe have a sale on Eventide Blackhole and Mangledverb for the next 19 hours or so, $49 rather than $199 each:

Personally I didn’t bother after the demo crashed Ableton and the stupid iLok manager froze, but your mileage may vary :joy: