Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


i have trash 2 but i rarely use it. usually go w decapitator. guess i should fire it up eh?


Man, I was debating this one for days and looks like I missed it. Oh well, probably for the best. :confused:


Not sure if it was mentioned here already, but Eventide is offering their Instant Phaser MkII for sale till Feb 28, going for $37USD (instead of $129USD).

I just purchased it after demoing it for just over a week. It’s a beautiful sounding phaser and works great as insert on my Analog 4 channel in Studio One.

here’s the link:


Kush have a sale on as well at the moment.


In collaboration with Arturia, Waves is offering their OneKnob plugin bundle for just $29 (checkout code: OK29).

Anyone have experience with the OneKnob stuff? I’ll be honest, I hate all things mixing/mastering and would totally prefer to tweak one knob for loudness or compression rather than spend hours pushing and pulling the mix around and endlessly A/Bing while feeling like I’m flying by the seat of my pants on sheer intuition. But it all comes down to whether OneKnob can achieve passable results or not, and whether there’s a lot of intelligent stuff happening under the hood that the single knob interface hides from you.


If you hate working on mixing and mastering I can recommend Soundtheroy Gullfoss. It’s a dynamic adaptive EQ, that analyses your music in real time and fixes frequencies extremely well. It can’t replace real mastering, but comes as close as it gets.


On second thought, friends have persuaded me to save the $29 and look at ‘reverse-engineering’ mixing/mastering presets in my DAW instead and tweaking them to learn my way around, and that sounds pretty sensible.


I like the look of that one nob for live jamming in ableton. Put all 8 on each track with midi controller controlling each one.


Izotope is having a sale for a few days. What are people’s thoughts in these? I’ve been eying Ozone, although I’m wondering how capable the Elements version is.


Elements is solid.

the IRC in the Limiter/Maximizer only goes to IRC II, but that is the one I use the most anyway. I think this part of the plug-in makes it worth the $29 alone.

The absent dynamics section is kind of a big consideration, but Live’s multi band comp can suffice.

other things you would lose but may not need:

  • Match EQ in the EQ section
  • Exciter (plenty of other things out there like Fielding Reviver, Kush 458a)
  • “Vintage” Compressor/Limiter/etc, meh…
  • Dither (use Live)
  • Dynamic EQ.

The “Imager” is excellent for keeping your low end in mono, and I couldn’t have mastered my OP-1 album without it. I don’t think it is multi-band in the Elements version, however.

I have v6 Advanced, but I could easily get by on v8 Elements.
I still use the “mastering reverb” for the sides in mid/side mode in v4 from time to time. Ultimate turd polisher.


Thanks for all of the insight. That was very helpful. I’m eying the suite for $89. Do you have any thoughts on the other plugins included? I use Logic Pro X, btw.


Can’t help you much with a Suite recommendation. I haven’t used them other included plugins.
I know podcasters (spoken) swear by Rx, though.


Ozone and Neutron are the two that jump out at me, so maybe the Suite is overkill, but for only a few bucks more …


I picked up neutron and ozone standard during their pre Christmas sale and couldn’t be happier with the two.


Excellent. I’m hoping that if I grab this now, I can get a decent deal on an upgrade during their next big sale period. At least I’m hoping that’s how their upgrade pricing works. Lol.


RX 7 is fantastic! I have the Advanced version and that De-Reverb algo is CRAY!!! Instant vocal booth sound! :slight_smile:


Cool man. I’m out of town at the moment, but I’m gonna grab the Suite when I get back home tomorrow.

I was just watching this and everything seems like it will be really useful to have around.


I just wanted to say that I got Izotope Elements Suite, and knew that it would only be a matter of time before I upgraded Ozone.

The exciting news is that I don’t have to wait long because I found out yesterday that I won a copy of Ozone 8 Standard in @Bobeats holiday giveaway!!! Thanks Bo!

I will definitely be putting it to good use this year, with the goal of finishing my first EP. I’m super psyched and grateful.


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Don’t know if you know this one but damn it’s an awesome transcient designer…
it’s 149 $ on Boz website

only it’s 27€ on pluginboutique

and it’s really REALLY WORTH it :wink:

Ok let me tell you what I like in this one. First if you use compressor in a transient designer fashion try a real transient designer. I really like the stereo and dual mono mode.
The detector is super precise easy to set and the filter section on the detector is just perfect. I also like a lot I can hear the detector, the transient and the sustain independently…
3 band EQ for the transient and the sustain is surgical (you have different EQ mode : high pass, low shelf, band for the lows - slant, bell, band pass for the mids and same model for the high like the lows)

Gain for transient and sustain - Hold - Release and then out gain
You have a lookahead and Mix knob (for New York Transient design)
And a sidechain too.

It work very well, I think it’s the best one I used…