Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Those all sort of crazy things :yum::hugs::heart_eyes:


Took the plunge on both and finally got Audio Modder set up on the Mac this evening. Within minutes of browsing some battery kit and putting Trash over the top of it I was grinning. This is what I was after!


I would like to point out 2 skins if you don’t like the one coming by default…

for UHE DIVA - Skin AIKO from Plugmon (paid 15€) :

for XFER SERUM - Promethium from PureAV (free) :


Very cool Diva skin with the Moog inspired layout


Skin can also change the appealing effect to Sound Design… Sometimes a good synth with an ugly layout is not appealing to experiment with, but the synth may be great…

The AIKO skin is not only graphics swap, it’s actually a redesign of the interface with a mind thinking about modules, placement, patch browser coming with a small one and a large one… effects control are very cool etc…

A very good work on this one :star_struck:


Would the skin have any impact on using NKS or is it just visual?


I think I’m just going to have to cave and get Diva.


That’s a good question, Send to plugmon a support message if you have any doubt :wink:
I have no problem with NKS under last Maschine version, everything is just fine and mapped …

It is just visual i think… Controls stills the same, they just organised and shaped in a interesting way - You can move LFO on the right with the diva configuration file. There’s a small user manual coming with the skin will explain all of that. This skin is compatible with DIVA v1.4.3 (latest)




Thanks man. I bookmarked this one for later reference, as I am set for drums for a while between Komplete and Microtonic. It’s really good to know what’s out there though and well thought of though for future reference! Your recommendations have been spot on so far.

The skin looks amazing too! (edit: caved! Looks amazing!) :wink:


I might cave and get this patch set during the sale. I really like the presets I bought from them for Repro! Diva is just ridiculous. I absolutely love it.

Edit: Caved. Those patches are amazing. These will be great to study and tweak as well! Thank you!


I can confirm that the Aiko skin works perfectly in Komplete Kontrol. I have to admit, the UI of Diva was not the most inspiring and this is a really nice upgrade. So much easier on the eyes and since this is likely going to be my go to synth for the type of sounds I like, the price was worth it.


If you’re looking for more DIVA patches check the Unfinished. He’s an amazing sound designer, also for Zebra 2 and Omnisphere.

And if you’re after BOC sounds you might be interested in his patches for this synth…


Cheers man. His stuff looks interesting, especially the Diva patches! I am starting to appreciate the quality over quantity approach with patches and these look great (I subscribed to his newsletter in case he has sales, lol). Conversely, the huge patch bundle that came with the Aiko skin I just bought was too hit-or-miss, so I uninstalled it.

I think I’m going to have to (try to) chill on buying softsynths for a little while though. As @William_WiLD said, it’s best not to get too much at once and I have a lot on my plate at the moment. I was almost tempted by that Iris 2 deal for the price, but after checking it out, I think it is not exactly my cup of tea.


good plan. I also sold many and just kept the once I use frequently


What are your favorites?


DIVA and Repro (but I only kept Repro), Reaktor Blocks, Chromaphone 2 (but I sold it, cause Collision in Ableton is basically the same), TAL UNO lx. Also U-he Bazille and Zebra 2 are awesome.

I like many more, but I sold most cause I use Ableton and the built in stuff is very cool. Operator, Wavetable, Collision, Granulator 2… All top notch imo


I’ll need to look at these at some point. :wink:


Just bought Diva, couldn’t resist


Diva purchased here too. My favourite purchase from my recent software splurge is probably Trash 2 though. Using it on everything at the moment!