Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Diva does an excellent job of managing GAS for the “real thing”. It covers so many bases.

I ended up with Repro when Uhe did a release deal a 14 months or so ago. This is even more of a bargain price though. Always liked the Prophet sound and I also own a Komplete Kontrol mk2 so having hands on control with it is really excellent fun too.


I was disappointed to see that NI killed the old Pro-53, so I’m excited to have Prophet sounds again. I think Repro and Diva are going to be a lot of fun!

I see what people mean about Satin being subtle. I found that with the UAD tape sims I demoed as well. It should be nice on a final mix though and hopefully I can coax some good sounds out of it. I need to watch some YouTube tutorials.


Yep Satin’s cool on master buss, can thicken/widen a mix and add some subtle vibe. I always mix/master in to it, last in chain on master before limiter. Glues and warms it all up pretty nice :slight_smile:

Besides basic tape functions it’s a decent chorus/delay too…check some of the presets for taste of that stuff.


Some nice Diva sound examples here:

And here


Incredible deal! Might pick up Repro finally. Diva is my go to ITB synth. So versatile.

Satin can be subtle. Put one on every channel + master and use the grouping feature and it adds up though. It always stays on my Ableton template. If you need more cassette level tape plugin I like the Klevgrand plugin.


I have to say that I am not regretting this purchase one bit! I thought that Repro would be my hands down favorite, but I have to say that Diva is amazing. I ended up buying that Neon Circuits pack above and it’s amazing. Highly recommend!


Ok you guys got me, lol, I just bought Diva also :slight_smile:



I approach Satin primarily as a “tape-style delay” and it’s fantastic and characterful in that regard. The 4 repro heads make it a lot of fun to experiment with. (I’ll second Klevgrand’s DAW Cassette and DAW LP for their respective sounds, if you’re looking for them)

u-he’s Diva and Repro-5 both have MPE support, by the way, which strangely doesn’t seem to be advertised as a feature on their pages. (It wouldn’t make sense to have MPE on the Repro-1, because, well, it’s monophonic.) If you love the expressiveness of MPE like I do, they manage to one-up vintage and nearly all contemporary analog synths in that area.


oh boy, played with the Repro Demo for 5min and had to buy that too…amazing sound from a VST!!!



Luftrum is running a sale on their patches for Repro and Diva during the NI sale (promo code is on their FB page).

I grabbed this one for Repro.

The patches for Diva I mentioned earlier are really fantastic (and pretty cheap).


If you bought expansions/Patches reverse engineering your favorites and try to reprogram on the basic recipe and decline a multitude of your own based on your taste…

it’s better to design in the context of your song a sound who’ll fit exclusively regarding the other sounds in use rather to try to fit an existing one at the mixing stage.

At least I encourage to do so… and to feel the pleasure to have few of its own sounds or everything :slight_smile:

Glad people jump and get probably 2 (or more if you get the bundle with effects) of the best sounding plugins for half of the price ! :slight_smile: that’s cool


You will fall on on this one if your looking for classic recreation man…
Oberheim on Diva … yeah right :metal:

PS: don’t use the skin I think it’s not working maybe it’s upgraded and fixed but at the time I bought the expansion it wasn’t

And this one is very cool too :


This one on chords is my favorite with


Any good Boards of Canada sounding patches for Diva or Repro that people have tried?


One of the Luftrum packages for Diva does the BOC Olson patch. Ive got all his diwnloads for Diva.

But if you really want BOC checkout Sample Science. They are dedicated BOC nuts and have several of the sounds pretty much spot on

But my favourite by them is

This has a few nailed on sounds


Cheers man, I’ll have a look!

I was looking at this as well:


Izotope IRIS 2 and TRASH 2 (+ expansions) under 30€ each it’s 80% OFF


For sure! Such a good deal at $75. I love how Urs has implemented multi-core processing into his synths.

Repro + a Monologue as a controller is a solid cure for Prophet 6 lust.


NI showing off the stuff in the U-He deal:


Thanks for that Klevgrand tip. I downloaded the demo and it’s really quite nice. I signed up for their newsletter so if it goes on sale at some point, I will most likely add it for a different type of tape flavor. In the meantime, I am enjoying Satin (and all of the other effects in the bundle).

Repro and Diva are just amazing. I got lost in playing tonight. I didn’t record anything, but man it was like meditation. I don’t regret selling my hardware synths one bit. :relieved: