Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Perfect Circuit has all Elektron boxes on sale right now. Post-sale sale?


Hi Elektronauts,

Samples from Mars have gone mad and you can literally buy all their samples for $39.00 only.

No I don’t work for them. Just thought this was a deal you guys might like if you aren’t already in the know.

Then again maybe I’m slow on the uptake (again) and you all have them already :sweat_smile:

In any case. Much love!



Got them last year, will skip a beat, or 2.


Man, must be hard-times for sample makers (as well as everyone on the creative end of the music industry). How do they sell anything throughout the year if everybody knows they just have to wait for Black Friday to buy every single thing they make for $39? Seems like a quality outfit. I wish them the best.


I guess it is all reputation based in sample making and selling.

Also, if they sell 1k at BF, that is 39K if my math is on point.

No bad for a product that is created once and can be multiplied forever, does not take any physical space and can be sold while asleep.

The winner takes it all.


Good points. Passive income is a great thing to have. Well, passive after the initial hard work at least. If they’re having fun, and have all the gear around to enjoy and use anyways, income from samples is a huge bonus. Hmmm, okay, maybe they are popping champagne right now for all I know. Like I say, they seem like a class act and I wish them luck. Even if they just cover the cost of all that gear, I’d consider it a huge win. Perspective shifted.


What gear? It was all done with plugins :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nooooo! Say it ain’t so. Would be a funny experiment though. To pass all that off as some huge collection of classic dusty analog gear and it’s just Diva and a bunch of Arturia VST’s, and a handful of TR samples run through tape and distortion plugs. I still remember a certain Reason user back in the day who would fool all sorts of professed golden-eared experts into thinking his stuff was made with a room full of gear - but nope, just humble ol’ Reason.


You will never know these days


They said during the sale that they do this as a recruitment drive. While they continue to reach a whole new world of users, they will continue to make this audacious offer.

They roll out good packs pretty consistently. I like what they do a lot. Having a massive spike of new people to email about your next drum or synth in the new year is worth a lot.

I’d imagine there’s also a hope that when the email drops into someone’s account the recipient is likely to think that those Martians are solid dudes, for whom I’m more than happy to drop $40 on whatever they dream up next.

I’d say the offer was win win for everyone. Which is rare.


Get out of my head.


I bought the knock down “everything” black friday deal last year, and ended up buying two new packs from them over the course of this year. They offer a discount if you previously bought the “everything” pack. So yeah, I reckon it works out ok for them. And they are very good about documenting and writing about what they do. The piece about the LM-1 pack was great.


Mega DEAL <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Language changed thanks @Rusty


en anglais

Native Instruments / U-He offer

> The time has come. We’ve teamed up with u-he for the first time ever to bring you an exclusive offer: Get Diva and Repro each at 50% off, or buy both synths and four hand-picked effects for a special price of $279.00.


Already got repro (which is excellent) but may need to jump on Diva at that price. Great deal


Me too, tempted by that Diva deal :slight_smile:


The Bundle is a pure Deal as UHE rarely makes cuts


Great deal. Bit pissed as I already own all of these plugins except for two of the effects. :confused:


I don’t own any of these. The UHE stuff is pretty good?


Yes. Sounds great and has excellent UI/UX design. Pleasure to use.

Especially Repro sounds indistinguishable from the real thing.