Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


Got the DTo for 510 euros in the german shop with the 15% code “WEGISWEG”, heat would be 496 euros.


New FM synth from Waves is only $39 for today. Use the link at the bottom of the page for an additional 10% off.


I mentioned I got the Izotope Ozone 8/ Neutron bundle on sale for $349. Messed around with it a bunch over the weekend. Really good stuff if you’re looking for that sort of thing


5% right? Not 15%? I got a bit excited for a minute…

Ah, it doesn’t work at all for me on their UK site.

Don’t suppose anyone knows if a 15% code exists for…?


Looks interesting but by those atrocious demos it’s impossible to tell how good or bad it sounds.
Waves are a strange mob


Yeah I know what you mean. I picked it up anyway. I’ll check it out tonight. I do think the interface is interesting in terms of the layout and typography. Not sure about the design itself but whatever,


Yes , doesnt on the uk site, you could buy on their .de page dont you ?


Just tried on a Novation Peak, it says the code is no longer valid. Would have been a pretty crazy discount when their price on the Peak is already the cheapest around.

No matter, bought from the UK store now. £924, can’t really complain.


What the !!! Aaarg
Ordered mine for 570 this morning!
15% rebate, that is huge!


you just can pofit if germann address…


Okay didnt know that, bummer :frowning:


Are you sure???
I ordered an op-1 @ back in the day
I live in france


just tried but delivery are only for german and ostereich from bax de


We need to find a friend in germany. Quickly!!!


It told me the code wasn’t valid (“Der Gutscheincode “WEGISWEG” ist nicht mehr gültig”) before I even got to delivery address. I could maybe have lived with a german delivery address for that big a discount, I have family and friends there that I’ll be seeing in a month’s time.


Love Patterning and didn’t even know there was a Patterning 2 until like yesterday, but I got it today. Damn…what a great drum machine


Well that’s it – they’ve waved the chequered flag, the end, finis. But do the sales ever end?

Sadly though the end of BF/CM now means the beginning of the season of “Christmas music” (at least here in the US) – on the radio, at the stores, in the supermarket, in the restaurant, on the streets, EVEN at work for some of us. You can’t escape.

So i guess it’s over unless you want to boast of all the amazing deals you grabbed, or whatever else you want to chat about.

BTW – Thanks to the moderators for the help with the title – and all the other help. And thanks to all the posters here – Well done everyone.


Don’t worry next month is namm 2019 when we realize what we bought on this thread is outdated. :joy:

Thanks to the mods too for keeping this thread on topic


Depends on what you expect.

All of those synths are emulations of gear, which would be extremly expensive, if payed as hardware. From my experience I can tell that we should not expect that the analogue emulations sound exactly as the original instruments. But IMO the sounds are excellent and I think that most of the synths will work very well in many mixes.

The collection now includes two digital synths, which are the Fairchild CMI and the Synclavier. Very inspiring.

Interesting is also the new kid on the block, the Buchla Music Easel. TBH the sound of the original Buchla is different, but this emulation generates a sound, which IMO is pretty close to a typical West-Cost instrument or to modules like a “complex oscillator” or a “wave-folder”.

BTW … patching a Moog Modular or an ARP 2600 is much fun.


Yeah - I hear ya. I worked in a Supermarket in high school (Super Stop & Shop) and once the clock struck midnight on Thanksgiving the Christmas muzak started. I attribute that to why I mostly can’t stand Christmas music. My wife, on the other hand, is one of those who loooves the season. I’m surprised she hasn’t turned the dial to “Country Christmas” in her car yet…

Give me three things and I’m good:

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • A Christmas Story (“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”)
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (gotta love Vince Guaraldi)