Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


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No, not possible, should be happy enough if there are a few in stock at Ciat-Lonbarde

Maybe the mass produced synths are cheap enough, the boutique side, not really (for me). But I think it is worth the wait to safe up and use what I have at any moment.


In the end I grabbed a Digitone from Bax for 601€, not a mega discount, but with the money I saved I purchased all the sound packs from Elektron.

If I’ll feel good about the workflow I’ll probably add a Digitakt in the future.
For the moment I have SP-202, SP-303 and SP-404 for my sampling needs.


I bought the $349 Izotope Ozone 8 and Neutron today. So far it seems like Ozone 8 is a step up from a lot of my stock Logic plugs. Neutron, maybe, but so far I don’t really get any advantage over stock Logic plugs


Watch this totorials it will help you :


Sweet, thanks!


Steinberg Halion 6 – 60% Discount

So it’s now $140! (Down from $350.)

Atso noticed in hardware their UR22 mkII is reduced slightly.

Look either on the Steinberg site (and use the code there), or from many online retailers.

H-COMPRESOR for free



Thirteen individual plugins from $29 each instead of $129 e.g. Crystallizer and FilterFreak

Decapitator and EchoBoy are both $79 each instead of $199

More at the link.


Soundonsound tutorials also on sale

I got the year pass to do the cubase 10 and Mpc 2.0 software tutorials.


Additional 5% Coupon !!


YES, that works fine!

Totaal inclusief (€ 98,93) BTW:
€ 570,95

Best Digitone deal around in EU at the moment.


Unfortunately there is no bax PL


I ordered one myself :money_mouth_face:

Also, with this coupon the HEAT MK2 is 555 !
unfortunately my pockets are empty now…


Yea I know that feeling, we are moving finally in our new owned flat, no gear for me for a while. But I can’t complain, have more than I need.


No family or other connections in other EU countries who can order for you?


Damm…ive made it this far without getting sucked into spending ££££… :tired_face:


FYI you can get an extra $60 off Elektron gear at Rakuten (via Music123) today - just pulled the trigger on a Digitakt for $588


What are some good poly or modular VST options that are also cheap for today’s Cyber Monday?