Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale


TDR Limiter 6ge 30€ (Black Friday Offer)

Regroover PRO 119€ (Black Friday Offer Normally 219€)
99€ is essential edition but PRO version is better


Not sure if this is in the thread already but, the entire samples from Mars library is available (as we know), BUT if you apply this code: xX$9-AllxX3

It’ll only cost you £7…

It works as I’ve just purchased them.


Yep this works. 9$ for their entire library. :man_shrugging:


Their entire collection is on sale. Absolutely fantastic stuff.


Free sp1200 stems from f9


Just amazing!


Where do you enter in this code?


Awesome! Just got them all too.


Hmm the discount code for SFM isn’t working for me using PayPal :frowning:


What could work is in ‘My Cart’ to click on the blue checkout button instead of the paypal one. Then you can enter the code in the next screen so the price is adjusted. Then checkout with Paypal. Worked for me!


xX$9-AllxX3 code is now dead. Was probably a glitch, frankly, or a personal code made public when it should not have been.


Good. $40 for their entire collection is a steal as-is


can’t beat that deal.


The codes do seem tailored to who’s receiving them and it asks in the email not to share. , at 29 it’s a steal .


Yes, can comfirm. Received an email yesterday with a code (asking not to share). Bought the pack last year so I am good with 3rd party samples until 2027.


Mars is such a generous team as is.


Just grabbed Soundtoys 5 for $199 because I downloaded Tremolator on last years Black Friday for free! Thanks for the info! So happy!


(Out of the thread but i reply…)

That’s the hard part as Kore 2, all Kore-based instruments and effects will no longer be offered for sale… no support no download anymore. The illegal road with searching on internet for original package is the only road. (Kore Deep Freq, Deep Transformation and Deep Reconstructions are findable)

I succeed with install on Mojave 10.14.1 - it can crash from time to time when building multi with VST when drag and drop to replace a VST instance by another one. But i think it’s usable and stable i mean it’s not bad at all. (Kore2 v2.1.4 and it’s in 64bits so…)

I think it’s very cool to create multi-synth with effects… we always forget a fast way to sound-design things can be stacking sounds in a multi and tweaking when you find interesting combination :slight_smile: Of course you can do the same without Kore 2… But the morphing idea from those 8 variations was the clever idea of Kore… (+ the controller knob quality but no way to use it on Mojave as the drivers is old now. But to me the plugin works as expected)

NB: if something miss you so much ! nevermind if the support is drop use it as long as you can ! they should have been integrated all the koresounds library in Maschine… and offer a hardware upgrade as they done between Kore 1 and Kore 2, been less pain in the past when they drop the thing if they done that… (like @AdamJay said support is not always kind and logical)


Yeah makes sense.
Had a squiz online and couldn’t find them anywhere.
Not worth the hassle dragging the old dinosaur out anyway I think


The whole Black Friday and shopping holidays is such a weird concept if you think about it. Very American. I’m not expecting small boutique manufactures of weird instruments to run massive sale campaigns like this. Synths are already cheap as they are.