Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale

#452 is one place to find a partial list and then there’s also AppShopper to search and see if a given one is on sale (since App Store doesn’t show that necessarily).

I have slowly made a wishlist for a while so I got a number of things, since I prefer to buy music stuff pretty much <=1 time a year while I have all the options in front of me :slight_smile:

Some of the things I got and/or which i think we’re on sale:

  • apeMatrix!— replacing AUM for me, this thing is wonderful (patchbay approach, and very powerful ability to morph between presets of multi-app setups)
  • Some Bram Bos things! (which are some of my favorite things on iOS!)
  • iVCS3!
  • zMors Modular (for use with ES-8 module in a eurorack, fairly soon)
  • Beatmaker 3 — I use Ableton primarily but at this discount it’s worth it to me just for a solid iOS sample slicer etc (I don’t have the Korg Gadget ones, Gadget doesn’t “click” for me)
  • Sector, a probabilistic sequencer
  • AudioDamage things including Dubstation delay, Discord pitch shift delay
  • Master Record, a wav recorder with some tape emulation/ wow&flutter

Lastly not sure if there are sales on it but just gotta say Patterning/ Patterning 2 are so. damn. good. Definitely my most-often-used thing on iOS. (if you don’t have it just start with 2, i’ve just used it since 1, so, mentioning that)


Waves have a free plugin called Sibilance. You don’t have to buy anything to get it.

I had a quick look at it and it seems like fun. It can ‘gate’ audio in a unique and fun way.



Do I really need another 46.5 gb of drum samples?

Edit: No, no I don’t. But nabbed them anyway at a ridiculous price, it would have been rude not to. Probably won’t even download them all… :expressionless:


I got them last year and because they’re well organised and each set is nicely distinguished by icon it’s turned out to be a good resource.


Yeah I only spent about an hour with it, indexed some folders of one shots and generated some random kits.
Didn’t get much further than that, and definitely didn’t try any automation. Everything just worked though, no glitches, and the interface is extremely slick and a pleasure to use.
I guess it’s great they are working on updates, and great they have a demo pre purchase.
What it does do at this point, it does do extremely well and is a steal at $50 imo


Let me add that I pulled out a sample, stretched it, and tried to drag it back into Atlas to replace it but it didn’t seem possible.

I agree this thing is a steal at $50, and once they add automation (I’ll request a time stretch, too) it’ll be really, really great.

Also gives me an excuse to buy more drum samples now that going through them won’t be such a pain!! How are those samples from mars, folks? :stuck_out_tongue:


@psyclone001 and @GirTheRobot

Had a quick (~10 minute) play with Atlas last night; seems “interesting”. Of course I didn’t even look at the manual; but created a couple of maps and played around a little bit,

The core logic / algorithm / workflow does seem very interesting; but I don’t think I really like the GUI; feel that (for me) it could be enhanced / optimised with a few little tweaks to the UI/UX and I think I would like it a lot more:

  • A couple of icons on the pads for Note/ Solo / Mute / View
  • Right-Click context menu on pads instead of mute / unmute
  • And I don’t like online help.

Might try and feed it from something “else” (like Maschine) and see how that goes. Might also see it as something that ends up being more a sketchpad; then build kits and edit further in Battery for example.

So far? Still on the fence. Feel like it is a good idea, I like it; but it is married to a limited UI / playback engine.

PS: How did you find the security / licensing stuff @psyclone001 ?

Seems you would either need to replace the source sample or add the modified sample into the map?


One more on Pro Audio Star- Moog Grandmothers $719 with BF20 code!


They’re solid sounds. Even though he ran the 606 samples hard I still throw overdrive and saturation into them. Gotta catch em all man.


Yep it’s definitely just another tool for the arsenal.
Am still in demo mode, will buy it today or tomorrow so not sure about licensing
What I thought was bizarre is there doesn’t seem to be any master volume for the plug? Found a couple of kits I generated where clipping the channel in Ableton and I couldn’t find a master gain for the kit :loopy:


Digitone €601
Analog Heat mk2 €629
(not sure what their usual price is)


Novation Circuit Monostation 349€:|1030e264-8855-41ea-b98f-d66a7b63fb76


Agreed. Whether it is something that is for me / that I will use is where I am wavering. Definitely would be a change in workflow / you would need to use it as a core tool; else would just be a flash in the pan kind of thing.

Add on to UI/UX tweaks would be keeping the “advanced editing” window open all the time / be lockable. It auto hides as soon as you click on the map.

Not that I could see either.


Strange that they put an inflated pre-sale price in the advert so that it seems they are offering a big discount.


Oh I see that a lot. That’s the original MSRP price I think. Anyone tricked by that deserves to be ripped off.


Is common practice, in Marketing Land


Also Werkstatt and Toraiz AS-1 20% off with same code… hope you saw that @rob_lee

edit: Minitaur too!


Vengeance Sound 25% off all plugins.

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Acustica Audio

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