Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale

Hm. From the sample it seems pretty boppy. But I’ll look further into it. Good shout on search ideas tho!

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I bought the Super Pack! I combined it with subscribing for their newsletter which gave me additional 20% off. So total: 48 pounds!


good to know

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Hey, if these samps are good enough for you, they’ll be good enough for me too :nyan: gonna have a looksee thx


interesting, the archives section even has some OT specific stuff! thanks for the tip

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How did you apply the discount? I tried but it wouldn’t let me.

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All six of the Loopmasters Octatrack packs are on sale for US$9.84 (Normally US$32.84)

Vol 1 Dubstep

Vol 2 Electro

Vol 3 Tech & Techno

Vol 4 Drum & Bass

Vol 5 House

Vol 6 Indie Dance


:upside_down_face: Yes! I hope its good this year. :santa::mrs_claus:

they’re all godd it seems. i like my kicks hollow, and that is a thing for itself. but from what ive previewed so far, it seems ace!

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As part of their first flash sale, OTO Boum is a crazy 20% off.


Great deal <3

Thanks for the info. I think I´ll get the Rawcutz Complete Pack, already got the Raw Cratez for the MPC Live, but I´d really like those dope sounds for Maschine and ableton Live too.

Cyclone TT-78 for $296.65

(this sequencer sends out MIDI notes, with accents, from ALL its tracks, fyi!)


If I would buy a drummachine, i think i would go for one of the TT‘s. they sound really cool


yea, and the TT-606 is only $315 when using their 10% off black friday code “FRIDAY10”
Total steal.

These were $399-$449 when they first dropped 2 years ago.

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I like this thread a lot but I hope it didn’t exist.

It’s going to make me spend money sooner or later.

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might have to mute it!



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And miss on all those awesome deals that will pop up here and make me spend all of my savings?

No way :wink:


I listened through the rawkitz complete demos and actually decided against it in the end. The demos sound too separated somehow, as if the sounds are not gluey enough/cohesive enough, if that makes any sense? I’m becoming more skeptical of sample packs year after year it seems… however I do agree that its a good discount, especially with the 20% off extra discount.