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in which way is it possibly lacking ? this could be something i need, less for the extras or headline features

Off topic, but I’ve been pretty happy with as a basic audio editor. Does all the basics and has a nice user interface – I just can’t get over how ugly Audacity is :joy:


It’ll do basic cut/copy/paste stuff, crossfading, so its fine for just trimming and adjusting levels. It’s missing markers, cue points etc, only has equal power fades… But for the current price it’s a bargain imo. Best take a look at the manual and try the demo. Manual is here:

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IMO … nobrainer … thanks for the info … just got it :smiley:

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totally … it is really quite impressive and I would have 100% bought it by now, however I downloaded the demo and found it was seriously cpu intensive when just playing back a short wav - so for me I couldn’t even dream of setting the buffer less than 512 (normally I can run 64) and even then it would still glitch a bit and that’s before the magic is applied - it seems the fancy engine is always on, so basic audio use takes that hit straight away - totally worth it more as a plugin of sorts, the stretch was impressive - but I will have to pass sadly- demo is essential (plus it seems to work only in stereo which may be a bind if prepping mono for AR DT etc)

ditto - it’s an absolute mess and essentially a huge turn off

ocenaudio is really clean, sweet and lean, perfect for basic stuff, zooms quickly etc - looks quite promising and quite the deal being a free/donate model - very happy to get the nod on this - I have a nice cocoa editor on my other machine (inconvenient location), but the company went bust so I can’t get my license running on my audio Mac mini - bonus is that this also has key mapping :thup:

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Real issue for me too! Will be checking ocean


Yeah, for my fairly basic audio editing needs it’s great. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to Cool Edit 96/2000 (both in terms of simplicity/speed, and in terms of e.g. selection behaviour), which for me was the pinnacle of audio editing!


Free Reason Rack Lite plugin with any purchase from Plugin Boutique:

Reason Rack sounds kinda interesting, I always used to like the Reason devices… you don’t get the best devices in Lite but there’s a few good ones in there.

Now who can find the cheapest eligible purchase?! I found this (£3.95/$4.99)


Nice that it’s available in all manner of Linux flavours, and that it can use VSTs (not got that to work yet… EDIT: found them!) - but on Linux at least, the advantage of Audacity is that it can use the hundreds of free LADSPA FX more or less automatically. I don’t really mind the interface either.

But yeah ; thanks for the tip - it’s always good to have options and I’ll give it a go.

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Izotope Iris 2 is $9.99 at Plugin Boutique. Comes with 11 GB of samples.


That’s an amazing deal on a very overlooked synth. I use Iris on almost everything.


This kind of looks like the Absynth sampler part, but simpler. What I wonder is why it comes with 11 GiGs of samples?

And free Reason Rack Lite as mentioned above!

Because it’s a sample-based synth. The 11 GB samples are part of the Iris 2 product, not something Plugin Boutique added.

These are the sample categories for the 11GB samples btw in case anyone is wondering:

Environments 1 & 2
EuroRack Modular
Synthesizers 1 & 2


Thanx. This looks like a great tool.

This is not on sale, but it doesn’t get mentioned. Imageline Edison is an audio editor that can be used as a VST. I often use it to record quickly in Ableton. Just put it at the end of the channel and hit record. Then you can edit the file without leaving Ableton.


There are a couple Ableton chord racks for $3.70

I had 1 reward point I converted to $1.25 and some change leftover from a previous purchase got me down to $1.26 :smile:

Nice, I’m actually more interested in those than some crappy VST!

The sample collection included is incredible.

Amplitube Metal for free. If you sign up to their newsletter.