Db - neutron, digitakt, a4, mininova


a small session i recorded this evening. neutron is lovely <3

percussion: digitakt
pad: a4
bass: neutron
melody: mininova

all listens are appreciated :3


Nice, i Like the blippy Percussions, but they are too loud. Try the Bass without FX and add some slow Modulations to it to make it more interesting and creating suspense. The Pad is almost Not noticeable. Was that with Intention?


hm, interesting points. i think it came out mostly how i intended it to, but your criticism is noted. part of it may be my interface, which is just a zoom handy recorder connected directly to my iPhone. tends to clip on highs more often than not, and can fail to capture certain subtleties. i’ll likely try using overbridge next time. :3


I like it.


What is your Signal paths for all the gear? I suggest to Invest in a small mixing desk to get a more balanced Mix.


i do have a mixer, the behringer xenyx 802. in retrospect i probably should have tempered the drums a bit on this one, but also as i mentioned, my recording interface has very poor frequency response and just doesn’t pick up everything evenly. going to be using overbridge for recording in the future, since the a4 is the terminal point of my signal path. hopefully that will facilitate a clearer impression of my performances :3.

also to answer your question - mininova, digitakt and neutron all mixed separately through the behringer 802, then sent into A4 for effects processing.