Dawless Recording


Wanted to share my dawless setup with all the Overbridge shenanigans

My AnalogFour & AnalogRytm are routed into the Octatrack the Digitakt is routed into the Analogfour
All direct volume on Ext in
OT has a master track with just the DJ EQ on it

I recorded directly out of the OT headphone jack onto a Marantz Recoder


excellent sound! nice tune :slight_smile:


nicely done :)!


Good stuff. No extra processing when adding it to the video?


Sounds good. Can I ask why you used the headphone out of the OT? I assume it’s to do with the recording input of the Marantz recorder? I use a similar set up, but my Tascam recorder has TRS inputs so I use the OT master outs.


No but after uploading it to YouTube the quality went down for sure


I have mic jacks so I just used the line in instead


hmm I might need to ditch my interface?! … when I route my elektrons into each other and then into my interface it doesn’t sound like this at all the sound is muffled and not as bright, I tried it a couple of times and abandon the idea … I might need to investigate this more


@AAdra your dawless recording sounds very nice which marantz recorder do you use ?
Do you often record in that way ?


May i ask which Marantz recorder you are using ?


Solid State PMD661 MKII


In case you didn’t see Solid State PMD661 MKII


I record at PCM-24 (96kHz) & use the built in ALC might be overkill but it sounds the best to me I also got the one XLR inputs