Darkened buttons, can't wipe


I bought a cover for my Digitone Keys from the same shop’s different branch. I didn’t uncover the instrument for a couple of days and when I removed the cover suddenly the colored buttons were extremely dark!

Note: It’s actually worse than it appears in the pictures. My phone somehow saturates the colors.

The cover is a smaller size of GatorCases: Keyboard Cover

The description says it’s constructed of stretchy Lycra/Spandex

I tried water, alcohol etc nothing actually worked. It didn’t make it any worse and it didn’t make it any better.

I contacted the shop and mentioned it to them and they said they’ll contact Elektron for instructions or whether we need to replace those keys.

This is a brand new device and I am very disappointed that it had become like this and I would like to make it like new again.

I’m just wondering, has anyone else have experienced anything like this before and if so, what was the solution?

I’m afraid to apply any serious cleaners or wipers so I would rather wait to hear from the shop.


Why do you think it isn’t normal, the buttons have a muted hue like the tones used on old yamahas

They have a subdued vibe rather than candy, which would be naff

Do not start adding any products that you aren’t sure about

Probably completely normal, the publicity shots from Elektron are always over-bright and revealing, sorta hdr and a tad over-saturated as I see it relative to the product on my desk

He’s saying the cover that he bought stained the buttons, they weren’t like that from the factory.

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Ask Elektron for replacement buttons. If they don’t give them for free, it shouldn’t cost a lot (at least if you’re in EU).

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Did you solve the problem? im currently having the same problem with a Digitone

Oh yeah!

I called the store that I bought the digitone keys from and they contacted elektron and they sent replacement parts to the store and the store posted it to me.