Dark and loud digitakt beat


I made it a goal to learn how to use the compressor with a bit more subtlety. I couldn’t help myself and this track ended up very compressed.

I tried using fine tune instead of notes to make melodies, along with the usual loud drums. All audio is coming from the Digitakt. I used one shot samples for both melodies and drums, and the only thing I added in post was a limiter.

I made a tutorial on how I make the drums: https://youtu.be/YSCrbF-u7gE

Thanks for listening!


i’ve really enjoyed all your vids but this is handsdown the best DT thing i’ve seen. if anyone asks what’s possible, i’ll show them this stonker! cheers for sharing :smiley:


Brilliant. I think any solo groovebox benefits from healthy doses of compression for beat stuff.
Love the use of fine tune, something I wish my OT had.


So I guess …hmmm :thinking: … mission failed? :wink:

Nevertheless: :+1:

The pitch control of the OT is coarse and fine tune combined. Is there more to wish for?


I almost always slam the compressor on mine. It just sounds so good and fits my genre very well.


A+ Love the texture


Yes. More than 5 increments of fine tune between each semitone.


This is damn good! Squash that beat.


Thank you @garf, @Microtribe, @tnussb, @DataStrain, @knobgoblin, @LittleRooms! Really appreciate the compliments! I have to admit I only made a small effort to use less compressor, but I plan on really taking on the challenge soon :slight_smile:


Like it :slight_smile:


Very inspiring- your resample vid is sick too.


Thanks @j-lite! I hope the tutorial was helpful :slight_smile:


That was freaking great!


Thank you! I’ve been experimenting more with using fine tune instead of pitch to make “melodies”, the results are pretty interesting.


I like that. Its like microtonality :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, @mess_er35!