Dance of the Dead Giants

I struggled to compose a melody with a more cheerful concept in this mid tempo piece. The drums where created using a Quad Drum (QD) sampled and carefully sliced into a 1010 Music Bitbox Micro and then process through the Industrial Music Electronics (IME) Bionic Lester MkIII using the negative comb filter. It is then processed through Mutable Instruments Beads in delay mode. The Density is modulated by a channel of IME Kermit. The wet/dry of Beads is also modulated by XOR NerdSEQ. The somber electrical drone reminiscent of a machine room was synthesized using IME Hertz Donut. Its modulation index and processing through the Happy Nerding FX aid in bit reduction mode is done with the human touch. The twinkling melody is courtesy of the IME Piston Honda MkIII with reverb provided by Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio. The Piston Honda’s FM index is also periodically modulated by hand. The bass hits are created using a BugBrand DRM2 sequenced by NerdSEQ. Finally, the machine failure drone in the outtro is IME Kermit utilizing the code scan oscillator with it waveform being modulated by the Klavis Quadigy. All sequencing provided by XOR NerdSEQ. Thanks for watching.


Cool track! The drone at the end was very Hainbach.

Thanks! That’s the code scan oscillator on the Kermit module. It sounds different every pass, but always sounds circuit bent.

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