Dadamachines Composer Pro


maybe this lights the much needed fire under AKAI’s chair?
will be watching this closely


An rPi can definitely do a lot of things! Especially once you start getting into using multiple cores, but that could be a bit tricky depending on what you are using.

I use Organelle extensively and if I can get the funds I will probably get this and develop some crazy stuff for it!!!

I was planning to use those funds to build a sick af sound system though… difficult decisions!


A real shame that this doesn’t have CV/gate. That would absolutely position this at the top of my list.


Not (yet) a convincing presentation. Seems a Deluge with more keys and a “better” sound engine. Deluge’s sequencer, tho, is pretty awesome.


16 steps and a full octave. Seems just right.


It runs Pure Data. I wonder if it plays well with Zoia. If so, that would be one awesome setup


Looks awesome!