Cv/gate sequencing ms20


I was running into the same thing and lowering the voltage of the gate to 3.0V worked for me.


This just points to other fundamental issues as the voltage isn’t so important - when the MS ‘gates’ you are actually shorting ‘S-Trig’ the connection … i.e. 0v, so the MS Gates on 0 volts which means that going from 5v to 3v is irrelevant - it suggests issues elsewhere with connections/configurations/note length etc

try shortening this for fast passages and make sure the connections are correct - often it can help to use one CV source from A/B and the other from C/D as you can be more confident that the cabling/connections isn’t part of the problem


Thanks for your answers,

about the solution proposed by Zheygro … it doesn’t work for me…

Avantronica, I tried to shortened note length, and I have the same problem.

I have only one cable Audio/cv Split bought at elecktron. That cable is plug into the CVA-B.
Do you mean plug another cable for the Cv-CD? (I dont have it right now, I should buy another cable)

Even when I play one note in the analog Keys (without the sequencer) Ms20 keeps on sounding. I stop playing but the Ms20 keeps on sounding the last note.



Hi avantronica,

I tried with another standard mono phono cable for the CV/CD (connected with the Ms20 HP filter) and I’ve still the same problem.
When I have only one trig in the sequencer, Ms20 keeps on sounding . Even without the sequencer the sound from the Ms20 never stop.
Any idea?



firstly, is the MS20 patch playing normally when you unplug the CV control

make sure you understand the slightly strange amp envelope and that you have a simple sound with normal release

instead of sending CV s-gate from the A4 (check it is s-gate) try using the MS’s momenrtary switch plugged into the gate input - if this doesn’t still make a normal release simple sound when pressed then start again

assuming this works then you know you have to work on the A4 settings - start just with s-gate and one cable and replicate what you did but with the a4 keys (not sequencer yet) - this should play the same way as before - if all’s good then connect the pitch side up

if you can’t sequence properly then look at all parameters affecting the CV output and make sure note length isn’t too long (almost overlapping steps)

TBH - without sharing details of exactly what you’re doing it’s hard to know where the issue is

sounds like you have your gate the wrong way around - it should short when you press (not after)


Hope you have a nice summer. I’m back and I followed your suggestions, no luck.
I send you here a little video with the test

Could you help me again?


you have to start with a simple patch - build up from there (although obviously shorting with the momentary switch does seem to work fine at least) - also there needs to be info on what else you’re doing in the A4 in order to get useful feedback

if I want to test a CV signal - I’d put it into filter or pitch to see if it’s roughly doing what I wanted

you may also want to check that the CV isn’t needing calibration -if you expect the A4 is sending out 0v then patching a cable in to e.g. filter-mod shouldn’t iirc make any difference

debugging CV issues just requires being a bit methodical


Thanks for your help avantronica,

and now…it works!! but I dont know how I get it. :)… yes, I should be more methodical