CV from Kenton is unstable when using Overhub


Hello everyone,

Hope you’re having a great day.
I am experiencing very unstable pitch when controlling my SH-101 connected to my Kenton USB Solo, which is connected to my Elektron Overhub.

After much tribulation I was able to understand that if I plug the Kenton straight into the computer (well I still have to use a usb a to usb c adaptor, thanks apple) everything works fine.

So I think the problem is that the current from Overhub isn’t stable enough to provide stable CV.

Do you think that adding a psu to the hub could help?

I’ve got an laptop psu (pics below) which seems to have the correct specs (3A, 5v) and the correct connector, but when I connect it to the hub nothing works, no green light from the hub.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Why the PSU doesn’t work with Overhub:

The polarity is the wrong way around. The PSU provides “center pin negative” while Overhub requires “center pin positive”.

Just compare the polarity icon from page 4 (top right) of the Overhub manual with the polarity icon on your PSU:

It’s not about current stability, but USB 2.0 limitations (how much current can be drawn in total by all ports and the hub itself from the host port). So “yes”, powering it should solve your problem.


Thank you so much!
So I guess all I need is the right PSU then.

Many thanks again


Happy to report that all is good with the correct psu, 101 tuning very stable now