CV control

Hi - has anyone been able to successfully use the CV control on the Analog Drive?

Using ‘Exp gain’ I have set the option to use CV rather than expression, and have tested that my CV pedal is outputting a voltage with a multimeter, but it still doesn’t seem to work. The manual has a (somewhat vague) instruction on calibrating the range, which I have also tried to no avail.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


Tumbleweed… Any ideas @Elektron?

I can try this afternoon if I’ve got the time, or remind me next week. :wink:

heheh - thanks! :slight_smile:

I did get in touch with elektron support too but haven’t heard back so far.


Hi there - any luck with trying this out? I still haven’t heard back from Elektron support, unfortunately.

I heard back from support - just posting in case it’s useful for someone else.

It seems there is an issue with using CV control when set as per the manual, which they’re going to look into. However they say that if you set it to the Expression setting instead it does work. I’ve tried this and can confirm that it does.

They also clarified on the method for calibrating the expression pedal:

You press the preset knob then move the expression pedal/cv to max then min, you’ll see three lines on the screen next to the E and when you turn the expression pedal to max the upper one of them will blink and when you turn it to min the lower one will blink. Then you hold the bypass/select button a few seconds to save the setting.

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