CV clock between Analog Four with the Mother 32

Hi everyone .Brand new to the community and to the CV scene. I was wondering if someone can help me with this setup I’m trying to have.
Between the Analog Four and the Mother 32 . I have more or less understod how to plug them together ( I don t have the Moog yet)
but regarding the sequencer . Is it possible to have the Analog Four doing its own sequance and the Moog Its own too and at the same time both would be direected by the Octatrack clock.
I hope It is possible as I presume a few of Us would love to know if it’s possible or not . How to do so on the Mother 32 .
Many thanx

Ok there is no need to use CV clock, M32 uses MIDI Clock.
Just connect your OT MIDI Out to AF and use AF MIDI thru to re send MIDI to M32.
You will be able to use also the OT’s MIDI tracks to control both Machines (AF and M32) besides both machines will playing their own sequences on perfect timing.

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I left you a trick for you to play with:

2 LFOs aren’t enough to control yours CVs from the AF to the M32?

Want 2 more LFOs?

Use a OT MIDI track’s 2 LFO to send to the AF CV track CC1 and CC2 (mod wheel and breath control), then on your AF goto CV track Function + Sound -> Settings and there you will find that you can control 5 CV parameters with de mod wheel CC and another 5 parameters with the breath control CC, assign your CV params with the desired amount and voila, now OT LFOs are converting to CV on the AF and sent to the M32.


Happy CVing!


Thank You so much gbravetti for sharing your knowledge.
Hope this will help some others interested into this .

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My pleasure, if you face any problem with that configuration just let me know.

Hi List

One question, I can´t make things happen when sending clock out from AK to start the Mother 32 sequencer.

Here is the set-up:

AK is sending 1v/oct plus gate to my modular system without probs. For this I´m using CV out A/B on my AK.
Now I would like to send a clock signal from AK CV C to M32 run/stop. In that way I would be able to control the M32 with perfect sync to my DAW.

(MIDI sync is not tight enough, so that is out of the question)

What is wrong in my set-up? Is there a hidden parameter somewhere or do I need a proper CV clock like Pam´s workout/Gatestorm.

I would highly appreciate any help.


Send a clock signal to the TEMPO input and gate signal to the RUN/STOP input of the mother32.

To clarify it:

When a +5V signal is applied to this input, the sequencer will play from its current pattern location for the duration that the voltage is applied. When a 0V signal is applied to this input, the sequencer will stop at its current pattern location. The sequencer responds to the last action of either the RUN/STOP button or this input.

An external clock signal applied here will advance the steps of the pattern in the same way repeatedly pressing the RUN/STOP button does, but the internal clock is NOT synchronized.


Sending a clock signal to RUN/STOP cannot be used as sync. clock. You need the tempo input for this.


Thank you for your fast response.

Everything is now in sync and my ears are happy.

Once again thanks!

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Hello, can you help me out with this please, I’m struggling to sync my M32 and Analog Four.

I want to sync (clock) both devices with CV instead of MIDI.

Which tempo setting I need to select when configuring M32 in setup menu? Tempo CV input mode, tempo single clock advance mode or tempo DIN sync mode?

How do i configure A4? If I understand correctly:

Set up CV as Clock out and insert cable from CV out into to Run/stop
Set up another CV as Gate out and insert cable from CV out into M32 Tempo input

Do I need to press any trig buttons on A4 on CV page for gates?

What about reset? So if I stop and restart A4, it will start from trig 1 together with M32?