Cutting down a DN keys?

Digitone in wide-Elektron format could include all of this plus extra encoders and buttons.


MK2 confirmed

(preferably OT sized)


semi-modular with touchstrips? :smile_cat:


CV outs would be great! This would be the ultimate modular controller. Needs an auxiliary CV out for each of the four channels though. That way one could send out modulation from say LFOs, or the like.

That’s nice, but it’s in the realm of a request to Elektron, rather than a cutdown — a cutdown being something that might be possible without them.
Not having access to code really closes down your options for mods.

At one point i’ve considered the potential to reverse engineer the communication interface between any of the Elektron front panel UI controller boards and the back end audio boards. That would be right on the edge of possible with the right equipment.

You could use that information to either;
a) Use their UI board to control your own backend.
b) To create some new UI control (perhaps software only, with interface hw) to control their audio magic backend.

This all would take some real work, and likely that time could be better spent, starting from scratch.

yep, would still be nice though :smiley:
the picture @AdamJay posted just made me think of something that could have been added where the wheels are…but it would indeed be something more than just a cutdown

had a thought about that a while ago too but didn’t start anything for the reasons you mention.

there’s this project from @eranrund which looks interesting:


Yeah i’ve been reading eranrund’s thread too, PofM just posted the link, and it was probably the origin for slicetwo to launch this thoughtful thread. What I’m talking about is completely different, more related to slicetwo’s idea.

Of course if you have enough people working coordinatedly on the same problem makes it all more practical.

oh, yes…sorry for double posting

Man… I really hope nobody cuts a $1000 digitone keys in half… That would be heartbreaking… People are starving and it is such a wonderful expensive instrument to just butcher… What a waste that would be… For some of us $1000 is a ton of money and somebody could really love to have it… That’s just sad to think about.

More Heartbreakers



this one looks nice…well actually, all of them look nice :smiley_cat:


At least those are all pretty cheap synths mostly made from plastic… Not in the same categories as a digitone keys…

The only one that breaks my heart is the Microfreak. The keyboard is PART of the sound design. All of the other ones look much more preferable to me than the ones with keys.


Agreed. And yet, in a twist of irony, it is the one that is the easiest mod to do.

No cutting involved. Very much part of the sound design, but not very much connected physically; just a ribbon cable and a couple screws iirc.

Still I think OT and “Nanobod” modded MicroFreak module is a very groovy combo, especially since Arturia keeps updating it.

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A very human process, we evolved to adapt things for our use. We have for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s never ending. You take something that exists, or something someone else did, and you adapt it to fit your vision.

If you creatively express yourself in music, it’s only a small step to creatively express yourself in the tools of music.


Indeed. I have a hard time restraining myself from modifying every piece of gear that comes through my doors. From acoustic guitars to digital synths. It just seems natural to tweak things until they’re as close to what you want as they can be. These days I try to live with things the way they are for a while before getting elbow deep in their guts though in case I decide not to keep it.
Ever since getting the hydra I’ve been considering converting a few of my older poly keyboards into rack modules.


To be fair, despite my recommendations against such stuff, I’ve done it in the past. :smiley:

My old SID Station Rack.



Now that is truly heartbreaking !!! Nice work J3RK.

I’m convinced that if someone was to follow the idea that slicetwo had originally for cutting down the Digitone Keys, and buttoned it up really nicely, that they could sell it on Reverb or someplace, for at least what it cost to do. It wouldn’t pay for your time, and you certainly couldn’t make a business of it, but at least you wouldn’t be out any cash.

But we still don’t have any pictures from a tear down, to see if this is even possible.

Now if you could buy DNKs with broken keyboards, then you might be cash positive.

ADDED: Here’s a sold listing on Reverb for a SkiniBrute.


Great to know that!!! i have the same hyper customizing everything fever and now im more than happy with the nature of things! or machines? :alien:


Digitone Strip.