CUE won't work

Hi friends,

quick question on something I just can’t figure out:
Cueing suddenly doesn’t work anymore. I Press “Cue” and a Track-Button, but nothing happens, the lights don’t flash. This hasn’t been the case yesterday, in the same project. Also it works in other projects. So I must have screwed something up. Can’t figure out what though. Has anyone ever had this problem?

Thanks for any hint! Cheers

Did you set Studio mode for CUE?
Did you change Personalize settings?


And besides what @sezare56 has said: have you checked the MUTE and SOLO state of the tracks in the mixer menu?


Also in mixer menu, headphones Main/Cue mix, if you listen with headphones.

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oh jeez, indeed i was in Studio mode. I have this thing since a couple of years now and know my way around it but still every now and then such stupid things happen…

anyways, thanks a lot!