Crossfader Pops sounds in octatrack


Hello all

I have a problem with my octatrack crossfader, when i move it from a to b scene it makes a pops sounds, do you have an idea of what could be ?
Please help !!!


Without telling us what parameters gets modified by the two scenes I fear no one can help you.


Sorry yes, i have delay and filter in scene b and a filter in scene a for one track,


Possibly try micro edits, and fade the volume of the affected area for transition. Such an abrupt loss of filter is going to be harsh. Alternatively, rather than abrupt removal of an effect, assign scene b so it follows a flow of reduction so’s you can capture a transition and eliminate the pops.


Oh i know what you mean, i thought it could be the problem, thanks


Plocked delay parameter is time? Is your delay set to Tape off? > possible pops.

No problems different scenes and filter only?


I don’t know i Will check it out, wait


Depends on you delay time. :content:


I the time is between 30 and 40, are you in USA? I give you my number 7865473617, please call me if You can jeje


I’m in France, a bit late anyway.
Maybe we can sort it out if you describe more your problem (at what position pop happens), and what are you parameters (press scene A or B to highlight parameter locks)…

double clic on EFFECT 2 , and check if the delay is set to tape or not. If not, possible pops.

Anyway, you can try with a new simple project to test if everything is ok.


Thanks sezare was the tape, aparently now everything is allright