Crossfader out of calibration (initial value starts above zero) FIXED

I’ve just bought an Octatrack MK2 and it’s a almost new unit, everything ok. But I noticed that the crossfader is a bit strange. In A position the value of the starts above zero… for example: for testing this I put a triangle wave in loop tuned in C. I mapped the the B scene to change only the pitch by maximum (12 semitones above) of the sample and A change nothing… and what happens is: it goes to D (when it should tune in C) with the scene all the way down (on A position) but rises to C 1 oct above all the way up to the B scene. When I invert it A became B flat when should tune C 1 oct above. Seems out of calibration. Anyone with similar problem?

Try to press Func and power up, then go to test mode and check your fader there. Led’s should behave same on both ends when you moving fader.

calibration may help, see here

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thanks! it is really out of calibration. in A position it goes only until it lights 14th and 15th trig LEDs.

thanks! it worked out by doing the “FUNC + scene B” in test mode! now it is perfect!