Crossfader not reaching its maximum


yesterday the effect of the crossfader at point A could not reach its maximum leading to undesirable sounds. (Especially if you play with the samplerate between two different scenes)

I suspected that a voltage was transmitted over the MIDI-lines. I tried disconnecting all cables and it worked. I want to avoid this issue. Did someone expirience something similar?

(I am not using MIDI-In and the settings would not allow other devices to change any values of the Octatrack)

There is a crossfader calibration procedure.

  1. enter Test Mode (Hold Function + Power On)

  2. hold Function + Scene B while moving the crossfader across the entire range. The trigs should be green on trig 1 and trig 16 once you reach the full range on either side.

  3. reboot normally.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Iā€™m not sure if you have to hold Fn + Scene B while moving the crossfader. One press may suffice.