Crossfader issue

If you have had your OT for a while with no fader issues until now, it’s most likely dust that just messes the position reading. Try find some air filled spraycan to blow it away (make sure it’s for electronics, always good to have and they often have an small tubing so you’re able aim/angle the airstream). Put fader to one end, put the can with tubing at the other end slightly angled towards the fader and give an short gentle press. Repeat with fader at other end. If the gap/bump feel also haven’t been there until now. That could also be some dust/hair/whatever that have got onto the “bars” (don’t know if that’s the correct term in english), which the fader is sliding on. You could try blow that away, but it might have wrapped itself around the bar so it may not be that easy. If it doesn’t work, there’s no problem exchanging the fader. Contact support in that case.

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Thanks everyone!

FWIW my OT doesn’t have the dust skirt.

I’ll try the condensed air and report back.

Thanks for your help everyone!

Blowing the dust out fixed it.

FWIW I do have the dust skirt (I didn’t have the OT in front of me before).

Thanks again.


That’s good to know for the future, it’s an optical fader so i guess it makes some sense !


" When I move it to the far right position it jumps to the ‘middle’ setting."

I’m a bit late to the party but hey… maybe this could help someone:

I had the same problem and this has nothing to do with dust (unless you have a lot - and I mean a lot- of dust). Just turn the screw on the right side until the optical track gets properly aligned.

This must be a known issue with those faders since these offset screws can be adjusted without any tool on other models (see the xfader of the behringer DDM4000 ).

If you do it like me while the unit is on (so you can check that the position is ok) be extra careful not to damage it.

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If that’s not enough, replacement fader here:

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Hey mate I had this same problem and you need a new cross fader, contact electron. It’s really easy to replace yourself too

Update: Turns out that the offset screw trick does not last. I finally replaced the crossfader with kind support from elektron. I hope this one will last.

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I recently had the same problem, used compressed air and contact cleaner, but that made it worse. So i took the lid off, detached the fader, and unclipped the chipboard from the top part of the crossfader. Attached to the top part is a small glass plate with some black markings on it. I cleaned the glass both sides with a cotton bud, reassembled the unit and everything now works good as new. Its a really easy fix, don’t be put off by opening the machine.


+1 for cleaning the marker plate.

My fader was jumping sporadically when near the leftmost position, but wiping the plate clean with a soft cloth fixed it. Dust accumulation over six years was the culprit, i presume.

I recommend unscrewing the two xfader screws while OT is closed (and to screw it back in before re-closing the lid), removing all connecting jumper cables carefully when taking the lid off and replacing them just as carefully when closing it. Access to the marker plate within the xfader mounting and reassembling it is a bit finicky but fairly easy: no tools required except for steady hands.

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Two weeks ago got the same problem like @MichalHo had, then cleaned the glass plate. The crossfader started working but soon ran into that rightmost-center pointer problem described by the OP. So I had to disassemble my Octa again, followed the routine offered by @acidhouseforall, drowing the two small screws up twice on crossfader module itself. Still works fine.

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Argh. The problem is back. Seems like no chance to fix it independently.
Writing to Elektron…

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yeah, this fix doesn’t last long. Get a replacement fader from Elektron.

Resurrecting a thread!

My Octatrack MK1 crossfader has stopped working. I have taken it apart, cleaned the glass piece, tinkered with the screws, nothing.

I’m happy to purchase and install a replacement, just wondering if the MK2 crossfader would be compatible with a MK1? I prefer the feel but don’t expect they are compatible.

I’m sure this has been asked before but I used the search bar and couldn’t find anything, sorry!

open a support ticket with Elektron is my suggestion

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Arise, Crossfader Issue Thread!

I was wondering if anybody has a recommendation for a cleaner/lube for the crossfader to really make that thing fly… its got loose action, sure… but im looking for more.
a friend recommended Caig products, and im wondering if anyone has experience with this. Ive heard that the wrong product can fuck things up, so i thought id ask here first…

Absolutley do not try to lube up the cross fader bars. It will fuck up the readings of the optical sensors .

Take the cross fader out, youll see a little grub screw just next to the fader shaft. Its magnetic.
Unscrew it, take it off. Thats as loose as you’ll ever want it.

If you want a tighter fader, tighten up the magnetic grub screw.


Thanks. I had a feeling that products for “normal” crossfaders could fuck stuff up. Much appreciated

Yeah, linear potentiometers, cross faders and optical cross faders all very different things.

The OT optical cross fader has 2 metal bars, the red material is some kind of special dry lube plastic. Never spray or dab anything onto the bars, you’ll gunk it up. And never spray anything near those optical sensors (the shiny things.)

Just take the magnet out.

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