Critter and Guitari 201

Looks promising !


So kind of a mashup of Pocket Piano and Organelle?

What does it do that Organelle don’t?

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I’m interested in their video synthesizer to generate animation linked to synth beats but it’s out of stock.

They lost me, when they waste minutes with playing awfull sounding patches at “different places” instead of explaining, what the devices does (new) and why I should bake it…


They said on the YouTube comments it’s essentially a pocket piano 2. It’s open source like the organelle but this is basically a cheaper organelle without sampling/ audio in. Honestly this is a huge pass for me. There’s better synths in the price range (Micromonsta 2, Microfreak) that are gonna sound better and be more capable. Or you could just save the money and get the organelle where the best patches are all the funky granular / sample stuff. The synth side of things sounds very old.

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I’d hold out and wait for a second hand Pocket Piano, it’s the cutest and most fun thing they’ve produced as far as I’m concerned. The Organelle is a great little thing but the added complexity makes it less immediately enjoyable.

My other half fondly remembers my ownership of the Pocket Piano, somehow it has a universal appeal. I’d grab another if one came up on eBay. Very cute, lo-fi and fun.

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if you can get the organelle m, you can easily download the Eyesy Image, burn it to the sd card, swap them and it starts as fully supported video synth (the volume knob on the organelle is also incorporated) :sun_with_face::dagger:


Cool! Is the Eyesy image free and difficult to apply to the Organelle?

Image is free and as said above, burn it on a sd, put it in your organelle, hook up a screen and presto

Micromonsta 2 is unbeatable.


I suddenly want an organelle m :sweat_smile:

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