Crash/freeze when using arp in another track

I have stumbled over a bug that happens in a pattern where I have a fairly complex drum track on track 1, which is using a number of arps to generate simultaneous drumsats. I then have a bass track which also uses an arp over a longer sequence (set to 1/4x resolution).

When playing both tracks, the bass arp gets some stuck notes which causes the arp to play a different note melody for a few more beats until the Digitone locks up completely and freezes. If I remove one of the last trig locked arp sounds on the drum track, the bass track plays just fine.

Reproducible every time and I’ve sent an email to Elektron about it. Wondering if others have had similar issues?

To elaborate on the drum track a little, I’m using a kick arp that plays every 1/4. This is the track sound. This means I only need one trig/note to play all four beats in a bar. On step 14, I then have a quick hi hat roll using a 1/32 speed arp, and then step 16 has a similar snare roll. This is apparently what the Digitone can’t handle. If I remove any of those two trig locked arp steps, the bass track plays just fine.

Are you running out of voices? It sounds like you have a lot of sounds going and only 8 voices to work with.

Look at your voices usage while the sequence plays to see if you’re maxed out.

You could try to use limited voice allocation for individual tracks so they never steal from each other unexpectedly.

It could be a bug as well. Worth checking anyway.

He @djst I think we ran into the same bug(s). I made a topic about it a while ago:

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Yeah it sounds like we’re running into similar issues.

I took the time to identify the specific steps to reproduce the arp bug, but it’s not leading to crashes, just erroneous arp behavior. I passed this on to the Elektron team in the hope that this would help them fix the bug, but surprisingly they didn’t even bother to follow up with me after over a week.

Anyway, here are the simple steps to reproduce the arp bug:

  1. Create a new project. Using default sine wave tones is fine.
  2. Set Pattern resolution to Per Track.
  3. Set Pattern for track 1 to 16 steps (unchanged) and set pattern for track 2 to 32 steps (2 pages). Set the Pattern M.LEN to 32 to ensure that both pages will play on track 2.
  4. Enable the arp on both tracks (here it’s set to 1/16 speed on both).
  5. Go into the Sound Manager and save the arped sound on track 1. (Sounds > Sound Manager > Find an empty slot > Right arrow > Export to here).
  6. Again in the Sound Manager, select that sound you just saved to the Drive+, then Right arrow > Copy to… > Sound Pool

Select Track 2:

  1. Go into the step sequencer and program step 1 on page 1. Set the Trig length to 16 (the full bar).
  2. On page 2, program step 1 the same way (length 16) but use a higher note, let’s say E5 instead of the C5 note on page 1.
  3. Play this to verify that it plays a full bar with C5 hitting on each step, and then a second bar with E5 on each step.

Now go back to Track 1:

  1. Same as steps 1-2 above, go into the step sequencer and program step 1, set trig length to 16. Just so you can hear the tones clearly, trig lock the note an octave down, C4.
  2. On step 16, instead of the default track sound, trig lock the sound you saved into the project’s sound pool (i.e. hold the trig 16 and rotate the Level/Data to set the other sound).
  3. Play the sequence. Notice how track 2 suddenly plays both C5 and E5 after the first 16 steps!

The arp gets it wrong every single time.

No crashes though. But I’m fairly sure that if Elektron fix this bug, they end up avoiding that weird machine state that crashes the Digitone.

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Yes, you describe the second bug, which I describe here:

Yeah they seem very much related, also have not been able to crash the machine without at least creating that bug as well.

and lets just give them a while, weird times, tracking bugs can take time and so far they have (eventually) fixed every bug that ever plagued me. (Hell even the AR MKII freezing was fixed :heartpulse:) I’m just more surprised nobody noticed before :eye: especially the third/last bug I posted has been there for a long time and you don’t have to do anything that complex to notice it.

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