Could you name those hardwares ? ( Not serious ! )



I was working on the layout for my two men live act and since we are planning on something with a huge amount od interdependancy and interactions I came up with a 3d layout so it will be easier to visualize what is happening regarding audio, midi and we can indefinitely move things around, connections will remain…

I tried to make each piece as immediately identifiable as possible…Not everything is here and not everything will make it through in the end…Some are more obvious that other for sure… :slight_smile:

Could you identify them all ?


New pic with more friends :


Elektron Maschinedrum, Octatrack, Analog 4, Rthm
Nord Modular G2, Arturia Medusa, Nord Modular Micro
…last row: ipad, Akai Midi controller, Squarp Pyramid and Expression E touch


So…I did well… :slight_smile:

Not a medusa though…I must admit it lacks lots of encoders…


Quadra Thru spotted!


Hawkeye !


It’s the Novation Peak. Right?


Nice drawing skills


I agree with almost everything.

But it is not Arturia Medusa, but Polyend Medusa probably you meant…but this doesnt look like it. Its rather something else. (Novation Peak)

Last row i´d say the Big B is a Bomebox.




A Kenton box and a mixer or snake on the last row?


Nice artwork, I like the minimalist style :thup:


I do not think it’s PM (it has larger surface for the pads)


Kenton midi to CV?


Haha, Nice guess but the thru5 is the winner. Peak is here, so is bomebox. I’ll update the picture with some more. Noone has got this black/white/blue utility boxes ?


midi solutions Quadra thru or similar box. All their boxes look alike.


Midi merger maybe ? :wink:


Pic looks like an album cover


what does the routing for this set up look like


Thats what i wrote.


I will be also very interested to know… :slight_smile:

Since we are making really heavy cross modulations in our tracks we’re trying to massively reduce what we need for playing live. We are trying to keep the ideas of the tracks while relying on actually playing a maximum of elements.

Things will probably look like this :

Pyramid as master clock. Calling back home everyone when needed by having fixed sequences corresponding to key points of the set…Between those it will be free rolling…

G2 : 1 Slot of midi mangling and midi generation on the fly. 1 for fm percussion. 1 Slot for “signature synth”
1 free slot for synth, or dsp.
Keyboard playing itself and peak.

AK : realtime percussion, drones, audio FX.
Keyboard playing itself and peak

OT : 3 solts for specific long stems. 1 Beat slot.
3 Flex playing realtime recorded buffers.
Master track.

BomeBox : Midi filtering, dispatch, counters, events storage. message conversion ( esp notes to pc )

Touché : to AK

Goliath : To G2

Ipad : lemur template for monitoring. Eventually granular processing.

Everything goes to an xr18. Eq,compression,limiting is done here.
Sends go to eventide space,G2,octa,ak.