Could use some opinions


I’m Alex

just signed up today.

I got Digitakt last summer and been loving it. I got a Analog4 and started to finish some music I’d like to share.

I describe it as Odd Breaks, I’m trying not to be tied down by tempo and to embrace odd time signatures

I’ve decided to call the project FuCk UGLY…my way of putting the fun back in DYSFUNCTIONAL!

Anyway I did name it that to cause a fuss…TOO MUCH FUSS…I’m so curious I couldn’t help myself. I’d like to see if I can guide it to a way to make an educated statement about freeing yourself from misconnections and embracing a word that in it’s own abused way is the very magical reason we’re even here in the first place…

OK so then there’s the music…I could use technical feedback as well as if you like it or NOT…valid…I’m def trying new things…I’m looking forward to sharing my techniques and I def could learn so more, Thanks in advance

So without a safety net I present my latest project


7 songs so far…

ps…My thoughts are to try this forum before anywhere else. You all are fine folks and this is truly a place of the best interactions I’ve seen on a forum. I wont be offered if I’m instructed to put it away.

All the best…


Cool song! Given the name, I was expecting something much different. Don’t really have any specific comments but enjoyed listening!


Thanks I should most likely explain. I grew up on Tool and Metallica… More influenced by metal than rap I guess.

I’m hoping to improve a bunch of things that are over my understanding before making an official release.

Things like…

When is too much bass…
When is it not enough…
Phase? I have no clue…
Snare drum too harsh?



Just listened on my phone while browing reddit but i think its a cool vibe! Kept my attention through all the songs i listened too :ok_hand: