Copy melody to midi track trick+BUG

So… There’s a bug that’s really bothering me on some work I’ve been doing on a MNM standalone.

Is there any chance an unofficial fimrware is being worked on the monomachine like on the MD? Would it be far fetched to request this bug to be looked at?

Going back to standalone MNM I really wanted to play this trick which involves using the midi tracks as a side memory for variations/fills (without the need to change patterns).

Basically while you’re playing you copy a desired track’s melody and paste it on one midi track so it’s saved there. Then you can clear/change your track’s melody at will and if you want to reload the previous melody you can copy the midi track’s melody back to the pattern’s track. This is great for live use, you can have 6 side tracks where you can store melodies, !except! there’s this bug where trigless trigs show up out of nowhere and everywhere on pages 3 and 4 - on the midi track they’re silent but when you paste them back on the engine track’s they do trig!
(So the trick is at the moment limited to copy/pasting individual pages - or midi loopback)

I remember getting this many many years ago but after sending so many bug reports and feature requests (and warranty requests, specially on the OT v0.9) I got the feeling I was being one of the most annoying elektron users ever and probably didn’t request this fix then :pensive:

don’t think this will be addressed i’m afraid :expressionless: unless someone is going to spend some time to reverse engineer MM OS, so…

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I guess not,
But I still recommend the trick for anyone using MNM for standalone improv.

Who said MNM doesn’t have fills?
Now it does :slight_smile: just copy-paste pages of trigs between midi tracks and audio tracks. And midi loopback is even better, you can just unmute midi tracks for an extra pattern per track.