Copy hard panned samples to stereo


So, do to my folly I wasn’t paying attention while sampling the other day and spent 2 hours sampling records, all samples hard panned to the left. I know why, that’s not my question. Maybe I’m dense but I can’t seem to figure out how to copy or convert these samples to play out of left/right rather than just left. Be kind, I figure I’d ask y’all rather than sit and resample


Try Audio Editor > press TRIM to select all quickly > EDIT > MIX CHANNELS > ADD or SUBSTRACT

I think Substract can be interesting if you have similar noise on L and R, it can reduce it with phase opposition. I’d check difference between Add and Substract by ear.

I’d resample for stereo! AFAIK, you can’t reduce stereo files to mono files with OT, so you’d use the same size, without stereo.


Ah, thanks!