Copy a page from a pattern and paste it to another. Possible?

everything is on the title:
is it possible to copy a particular page from a pattern and copy this page to another pattern.
take and copy page 1 of pattern A1 (16 steps)
paste this page on the last page of pattern A2 (same kit, same project)

i know that it’s possible to do with chains, songs…

another question (or maybe it’s the same thing differently) is it possible to transform a chain into a pattern if it’s fit in 64 steps?


Hold the page button and press COPY (REC) / PASTE (STOP)


It is possible to copy pages between patterns, however it will only copy the pad you have selected.

To answer the 2nd question, I don’t believe theres any way to combine patterns seamlessly in the manner you’re thinking.

thanks VanillaSun! i had already done the technique of mekohler before posting and indeed i didin’t hear the result i want, it’s more clear now.

Dis you find out the way if copying patterns?
I have done it by accident but can figure out how to do it !!
Is it press A then hold pattern number . Func and copy?

Every time I try is is only copying the track and not the pattern :tired_face:

Disable Grid Recording, pressing Rec button.

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Thank you :+1:t2::+1:t2: