Cool Model:Samples Hack


While retrig one sample on chromatic keys you can switch to another sample with the other hand and then retrig on the chromatic keys with that new sample. Both samples will be retriging live.


stacks on stacks


I also just found out something, as well:

When the sequencer is running, you can press and hold a trig pad, which will cause it trigger once, but as long as you keep it held down, it “mutes” the tracks sequence. When you let go, the track’s sequence resumes. So basically, with good timing, you can do one-finger mutes!


I had post this in the “bugs” thread, but I will post it here as well since this looks like a good tips and tricks spot. If you hold FUNC and then also long hold SETTINGS (TEMP SAVE) button, all of the T1-T6 will show their mute state even after you let go of the buttons. The “save yes or no” is still left on the screen, but if you hit the back button it goes away, or you can decide to save it or not at that time. And the T1-T6 buttons will remain in their mute/unmute states, allowing you to mute or unmute each channel as you wish. To exit, just tap the FUNC key.