Convince me on why I should *NOT* buy an Octatrack


That’s good to know, thanks.

A what now?

Bought a Keystep today and saw an OT Mk2 in the shop for the first time :heart_eyes:


My first Elektron box was the Octatrack MK2 and i had no frustrations, of course i had and still have a lot of “hmm” and “ohh” moments. I wouldn’t say that the Octatrack is to overwhelming for beginners as long as they are willing to spend some time, read some stuff and try joyfully. I would even go so far and say that it can be even easier for a “beginner” if he is not used to another system. The biggest fault is to let influence you to much by other opinions. Read the manual, watch some videos and check if the features of the Octatrack are what you need/want. If you are unsure, try to buy it somewhere where you can send it back if you feel uncomfortable with it or at least, if possible, test it in a store.


One whole week, if possible. :smile:


:smile: Right


Some great points!


Nah i was one of the very first owners. All good now. I am now a member of the high council of overbridge-masters, practicing new Jedi Tricks…



Stockholm, High Council of Overbridge-Masters, 2057
We finally released Overbridge this morning.
I think we need holidays…



I’ve used a lot of hardware samplers over the years, the Octatrack is one of the more straightforward to sample on, if anything.


i think old enough to read the manual


It isnt for everyone, kinda depends on what you need it for and what youre using currently/would use with OT. If you want the most bang for your buck an MPC Live is a very sound investment, the new MPC 2.3 software is insane and has 2 onboard fully tweakable synths and a rhodes emulator, all of which can be used in standalone. Plus touch screen and 128 tracks…


The OT reminds me of the early computers. If you didnt abide by the protocol and clicked on things without remembering what you end up hitting a brick wall. These days computers are more forgiving. If dont like the old ways and are not methodically minded do NOT buy the ot.


OT is great anyway. Buy it, try it a few years…and sell it, if it doesn’t suit you. :slight_smile:


Long attention span FTW


So far I haven’t found the OT too difficult to learn the basics, but I know it can do much more. I’m curious to ask j0hnglist… did you buy one in the end.


wow this thread is still going . I was heavily considering it, then EURORACK happened and i’ve gone on a modular tangent since then . Still interested in Octratrack especially in how it would integrate with my modular, but so far I keep buying euro©rack modules :slight_smile: thanks for checking haha


I guess this thread will hold up for another decade to come. Maybe a place to cite finally the Bee Gee’s :smile: : I started a joke…


If you are used to the price point and design constraints of modular, then you should definitely get it. Haha :stuck_out_tongue: when pared with something to let you use the OT as a sequencer as well as a live sampler with the modular it can get a m a z i n g.

I mean, no, don’t.


Convince me on why I should NOT buy an Bee Gee’s album. :content:


You should NOT not :sweat_smile: