Convert sample to sound without using a track?

I had to put my Digitakt aside for a few months as I took care of a big move/career change. I’m back t it and cannot remember how to convert a sample to a sound so I can use it in the soundpool without using a track…or maybe it’s not possible.
Basically I ran out of tracks and so resampled Something from a different pattern and would like to add it to the soundpool to use as a soundlock.

I guess not. How would you configure all the parameters of a sound without a track? IMHO your best option is to save the sample and then head over to a pattern with at least one empty track to configure the sound.

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You have to export it as a sound first then you can import to sound pool. If you’re out of tracks just use a new pattern to configure the sound.

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Ahh yes, great point about parameter config.