Controlling two outboard synths Via CV


I heard there was a way to use the FX channel to sequence an additional synth via CV CD outputs.

I didn’t see anything in the manual about this, did I miss a page? Or can someone give me the low down?


You can set the source for the CV-track’s A/B/C/D configuration to any other track. So e.g. you have set C/D to gate and pitch, on the CV track select the FX track as source for C and D. Then switch to the FX track and enter note trigs as usual.

Take a look in the manual, Appendix C: CV TRACK PARAMETERS:

SRC (Source Track) selects the track whose notes should be
used for sending CV signals. The CV track, FX track and synth
tracks 1-4 can be used as source.

This way you can also double tracks 1-4 by setting the CV sources to those respective tracks. This configuration can be different in any kit but only works for pitch, trigger and gate modes.

Pro tip: you can also use different tracks for pitch/gate. E.g. let the CV track determine the pitch and and the FX track the gates. Use different track-lengths in advanced mode for evolving madness.


Woah you’re blowing my mind man, I’m not sure if I’m ready for that yet, lol, but soon.

Thank you!


There’s also a guide on matching pitch CV-spread and offset to certain synths, a tuner comes in handy btw. Or if you have a good ear for tunings you can also use the internal synths with zero detune to match your external gear.

Be sure to check out this page:


Source track is also a modulation destination if you want to take it up a notch :wink:


yeah i love this so much. and you can modulate the modulator too if it’s LFO 1! it makes it one of the most interesting CV sequencers out there. combine that with what snowcrash says about different pitch and gate, the performance macro targeting the LFOs, stuff like trig mutes, arps note/scale (wish we’d get some interesting ones though) quantization per track. it’s brain breaking in a good way. :slight_smile:
i hope at some point they add something like velocity = CV value too. but on the other hand it’s interesting to use CV note for everything


Hi - thanks everyone for the great tips and info here - excited to try some of this stuff out :slight_smile:

Want to add a tip of my own - if you’re trying to use the synth tracks for cv (tracks 1-4) and having any trouble, look at your polyphony kit settings. Took me 2+ hours of troubleshooting before I realized this affects the behavior of the cv outs. Not really sure I understand how/why - seems they behave as expected with polyphony off, but not on (not always anyway - sure it depends on one’s particular settings).