Controlling scenes with midi?


Hey AR buddies,

I was hoping someone could shed some light into what I need to do to control scenes using the pads of a old Trigger Finger I have laying around.

Using a knob I can get the active scene to scroll through all 12 but I can’t figure out how to get them to be engaged. Ideally I would like to hit a pad on the TF and have it activate the scene that parallels that pad on the AR.

Thank you very much, we appreciate your time.


FYI, I figured it out. In case anyone finds this thread and is confused.

CC92 is the midi and within that the pad on/off is tied to the first 12 velocity transmissions.


Nice, thanks! I had been assigning a fader on my FaderMaster Pro to CC92 and just scrolling through them. The velocity trick will help for other controllers.


Wait, are you saing that triggering a midi note externally with a velocity of 1-12 (from any midi channel?) will activate scenes 1-12?!

If so this is brilliant!


Yes indeed. I ended up assigning it to the trigger finger sliders instead so I would have a visual cue as to what was active since there are no LEDs. Basically I have 4 sliders with 3 velocities assigned to each so I can slide from bottom to middle to top to trigger scenes. It is easy to hit your position and you can switch scenes super fast.

Then the pads I use for performance triggers. This leaves the RYTM fairly open for mutes and I have 8 dials in the TF I could assign to something… But I am going to get cozy with what I have set up now. It really opens up the performance side of the machine.

I have another program on the TF that is set up for finger drumming. The pads are wayyyyy more responsive than the AR.

Next up I want to perfect a 3rd program on the TF for assigning each pad to trigger a slice in a sample chain is velocity mod, effectively I can turn one single track into a multi-sample spread. I got the sample start working decent by assigning the velocity mod but for now am just using amp decay to make the sample chain just play one hit. I think I need to assign the sample end to be velocity based as well because I am getting little clicks and such.

I got this idea from someone on this board. Does anyone have advice on setting this up?

Also, big up Adam Jay for pointing out the benefits of sample chains.


I will not answer to your question but give my way to control scene. I use the Arturia Beatstep, and I configured the pads to send CC92 with fix data.

12 pads toggle between 0 - x, where X correspond to CC92 value of the scene.

More over, I use the encoder to control perf, which is way easier to configure.


++ for the beatstep. This works great with the rytm.

I have set the scene on gate instead of toggle and than select X - X.

This way you only have to hit the pad once for activating the pad.


Excellent stuff, can you do similar with perf mode pressure on trigger finger pads?


Could anyone help me out achieving this with Ableton?
I have some scenes set up and would like to use automation in arrangement to trigger different scenes on my Rytm.

I can configure Mutes and Performance but not Scenes.



Use a max lfo


You didn’t understand. I can’t configure Scene button to be available in this window, like Mutes and Performances are.

Tnx anyway


No idea fella.


Anyone has an idea how to map Scenes in Ableton?


I don’t use Ableton, but I control scenes from the OT using cc 92…
Values 1-12 select scene 1-12, 0 disables all scenes, any value over 12 doesn’t do anything…
Maybe that info will help, I don’t know…


I’m not understanding how to employ this velocity method…
Since it’s a cc, how is the velocity related? Or what note are you sending?


I can’t wait to use it too with a 120 sample chain, unfortunately I don’t have one on board.
I guess it suffice to assign START to Velocity Mod. I hope it also works with END, with a +1 offset compared to START…that way loops would be possible.
Any more infos on that?


Only one scene can be employed at a time. Therefore with CC92 value 1 is scene 1, value 2 is scene 2 and so on.

Good fun.