Controlling OT Via Midi

Hi all,

I’m sure this has been asked many times but I can’t seem to find a straight answer.

I just want to control individual (audio) track levels, mutes and solos via midi.

In the manual it seems that you can only control the selected track.

Is it possible to control all tracks at once without creating some kind of macro/audrino setup.

I just want to use my novation remote 25sl (if possible).

Any help would be greatly appreciated


I think you should be able to control any of the tracks if you are using the correct MIDI channel. Although now that I’m typing this, I don’t know if I have actually tried it for the audio tracks. I have definitely been able to control multiple MIDI tracks via each track’s MIDI channel.

The manual does spend a lot of time on the Active Track. But you can configure things to send stuff to the other tracks too as long as you have the MIDI channels right (and audio channels configured to receive MIDI). You can only record on the active track.

I have thought about making a similar template for my mpk.

Anyway, this should be possible.

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You can control everything with midi. Mute, solo, volume and a lot of other parameters. It just dont record internally.

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Works a treat with my Novation SL for mutes, solos etc.

CC chart I did back in the EU days.
I’ll get around to updating it with the new machines when I get chance & stick it in the files section.


Perfect, thanks for sharing it.

Awesome thanks guys

Just started setting up another template for the OT this morning.
Quite straight forward once you know what you want to control.

Yea all working now, it was just a bit unclear about the separate midi channels for each track.


In my opinion it’s essential to map fader volume control and mute/solo control. i use a novation zero MII, its like having a mixer connected to the octatrack.

Yea I think I’m going to get rid of the keyboard and go for the zero mk ii. It’s a toss up between that and the Oktakontrol. But I think the novation will be more flexible even if I don’t really like the colour scheme.

Hallo there,

I am using a novation sl mk1 with the OT and made my own template.
Everything is working. Only thing is that the novation dont read the cc value’s back from the OT. That really sucks when you’r changing to banks with differend settings on the OT

My setup is:

novation sl midi out 1–> OT midi in, OT midi out–> virus ti midi in,
virus midi thru–> novation sl midi in

OT is sending cc values to midi out

What is going wrong? i can’t figure out where the problem is.
Maybe someone can help me


@DeKneus: What do you need the CC’s back in the MK1 for? Is it for lightning up the buttons/encoders? I thought it’s some extra sysex stuff that is expected from the host i.e. confirmation that the value was switched etc. But I might be wrong.

Idd. I was wondering if the display gives feedback from the cc’s that OT is sending out.
My next question is: does the OT works with motorfader midicontrollers, or is that also working with sysex?

As long as the motorfader controllers transmit normal MIDI messages and gives you the options in the setup to match to OT´s implementation chart (NN#s and/or CC#s).

Beware though that many are using the Mackie Control protocol for motorfader controllers. Which, albeit IS a kind of MIDI control since it uses normal messages but it´s in an entirely other way. So marketing of such units will say that you´ll get MIDI control but you won´t get any useful control unless the receiving unit understands Mackie Control (which OT doesn´t)…

Incidentally, I have a mint zero MKII that’s only been used once for a client who wouldn’t use my bitstream, go figure!!!
Anyway gonna pop it on ebay but should Badaszewski or indeed anyone else here want it, pm me an offer, I’m UK based. Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

+1 for AGKW oktakontrol, it looks super minimal but once they update the firmware and release the editor it will offer more user customization (you can still program it since its arduino based)

Build quality / ergonomics / size match the OT nicely and slots into a multi-elektron setup quite flawlessly. You can request to have the midi ports on the other side too :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
Old thread but was wondering if any of you were able to get the octatrack to send midi CC to the novation. I have an sl25 mk2 that I would figure should be receiving CC, but if I mute a track on the octatrack my toggle switch doesn’t change.
Thanks for any help.

Check MIDI Control settings in your OT:

‘Audio CC Out’ = INT + EXT.

Pressing Function + (track) Mute transmits the same message as if you are doing it (muting) in the Mixer section.

What MIDI channel numbers are you using, both for your audio and MIDI tracks on the Octatrack?