Controlling MIDI Track CC's Remotely

(sorry if this question has been answered… I read a few threads, but I can’t understand if they’re talking about the same issue)

correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there’s no way to control the MIDI CC pages of the MIDI tracks remotely (ie. MIDI Controller via MIDI IN) unless using the AUTO channel and having the MIDI track selected?

The midi track’s specific channel is a direct link and will receive input to the track and it’s cc pages regardless of what track is selected…
Note that if an audio track shares the same channel as a midi track it will block the midi track from receiving data…


While in MIDI mode and CC DIRECT CONNECT is deactivated, the auto channel responds to the following CC messages.

It seems that you need autochannel to control midi page parameters CC.

I tried to modulate them with Ot midi tracks.
Complicated. Using autochannel channel, the active midi track modulate itself.

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I think OP wants to control the midi CC pages, not the midi pages CC’s, but maybe not :thinking:

It does seem if you want to control the midi mode ctrl change mappings, you need to use the auto channel with CC direct connect deactivated…

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Indeed my dear. @depuratumba ?

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Lets say I have MIDI track 1 controlling an external synth on CH 16, with some CC messages on
I would like to control them remotely without having to access the MIDI track (ie. While in an audio track)

Just send them on channel 16 then instead of the auto channel and it will work without selecting the track as long as you don’t have an audio track assigned to channel 16, which would block the midi track from receiving…


awesome! for some stupid reason I was using channels 1-4 for synths, instead of using anything above 8… I’ll give this a try! I’m designing a new setup and this could be super handy


I usually don’t even activate the autochannel on my boxes, I just change the channel on my midi controller so I don’t have to have the track selected… :slight_smile:
Sometimes autochannel’s handy though and a nice feature to have…

Are you sure it is working? to me it seems you do need to select the midi track on the OT in order to control it remotely…

If you use autochannel, you have to select a track, because autochannel controls the currently selected track.
If your midi controller sends on the midi channel of your target device it works without having to select the track in OT.

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Did you try it? It doesn’t work for me. Actually I don’t want to control a target device (an external synth), but parameters of the midi track itself, for example velocity. The manual writes, that the Autochannel responds to cc messages for miditracks (Appendix C), about the midichannels assigned to the miditracks it doesn’t say anything, as far as I can see. The assigned channels seem to send cc, but not receive.
Edit: I am aware that the channel of the midi track shouldnt be the same as any midichannel used by an audiotrack

I play three synths through my OT’s midi tracks with the Analog Keys. AK is set to OT’s auto channel.
I got a new midi interface recently and while I set everything up, I accidentially had the AK set to my Shruthi’s midi channel.

Didn’t even notice until I tried to play the Micromonsta which is on another midi track on the OT but ofc it didn’t work^^

I’ll check again later, but actually I’m pretty sure both ways do work. :slight_smile:

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if u figure that out u are my man :sunglasses:

Maybe the midi interface routed midi from AK to the Shruthi when I had AK set to Shruthi’s midi channel.
It should at least work with auto channel.

I’ll check laters!


I checked the routing in my Mio4 midi interface and used my audio interfaces direct monitoring. So no DAW to prevent accidental midi routing.

OT and AK are connected to Mio4, both with midi in and out, Shruthi and Micromonsta are connected to Mio4’s midi out ports.
AK sends midi to DAW and OT, OT sends midi to AK, Shruthi, Micromonsta and DAW.

When the AK is set to OT‘s auto channel, I can play all synths connected to OT‘s midi out by selecting a OT track that has a specific midi channel set.

All midi track parameter can be controlled, recorded and locked via midi cc messages.

When the AK is set to Shruthis midi channel, I can play the Shruthi from AK no matter which track is selected at OT and even if all midi tracks are muted.
Same for Micromonsta.
Checked with plugins in my DAW.
Same thing.
Also midi cc control is possible.

If there is no accidential midi routing happening, seems indeed both ways do work.

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I believe for this application you would need to use the autochannel with cc direct connect deactivated and thus also need to have the track to be controlled selected.

Yep, that works.
Unfortunately when I ran my little tests, I forgot to check if the midi track parameters are accessible from a midi channel other than auto channel.

When I switched from auto channel on my AK to the Shruthi’s midi channel, I assumed it wouldn’t work anyway and thus immediately dialed in the midi cc for the Shruthi.
I‘ll check tomorrow, though I think you have to use the auto channel in order to control OT‘s midi track parameter via midi cc.

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Seems like this is the case indeed. I tried to fiddle around a little today, but found no way to control OT’s midi track parameter from any midi channel other than the auto channel.

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